ACME Wireless In-Ear Headphones

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About product

Please welcome wireless and tangle-free ACME Bluetooth in-ear headphones. To start with, they feature Bluetooth connection and are easily paired with any enabled devices for wireless music listening. You will find microphone integrated in the in-line controller which enable to use in-ear headphones as free hand device as well as to control the music. Furthermore, they deliver clean and nice sound for your favourite music up to 3 hours. 

Technical Specification


Wireless in-ear

Driver size

13 mm

Frequency response

20 – 20 000 Hz

Playback time

Up to 5 h

All Specifications

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How long can I listen to music on this device for until the battery dies out?

This device enables you to listen to music for up to 3 hours straight

How long does it take to fully charge the device?

It takes only 1 hour for the device to get fully charged. The process is very simple – connect your device to the source of energy using a micro-USB cable and wait for the red LED light to switch off and for the blue LED light to switch on – that‘s when the device is fully charged and ready to be used!

How do I pair my headphones with my smartphone?

It‘s very simple. Turn on your headphones by pressing on the power button for 3 seconds. Once both blue and red LED lights start quickly flashing, it’s an indicator that the headphones are ready to be paired. The next step is to turn on “Bluetooth” on your smartphone and select BH102 from the list of available options. Once the blue LED light on your headphones stops flashing and becomes constant, it’s an indicator that your device has been successfully paired with your smartphone. * Please note that if the headphones have lost your smartphone’s “Bluetooth” connection and haven’t been used for 5 minutes, they will automatically switch off (great way to save the battery, right?)

Do these headphones have an integrated microphone?

You bet they do! Enjoy talking over the phone hands-free!

Are these headphones resistant to water?

Unfortunately, this device is not fully waterproof, but only protects from accidental splashes. Please do not allow for any direct contact with any liquids, and you should definitely not dive into the pool with them on!

How can I turn the volume up or down?

It’s very straightforward – simply press and hold the volume toggle up or down if you want to adjust the sound volume. The device will let out a precaution signal once the highest allowed volume has been reached. Also, if you actually press the volume up or volume down button, you will turn on the next or the previous song from your playlist.

How does the multifunction button work?

First of all, in order to switch on or off the device, you simply press and hold the button for 3 seconds. Next, in order to turn on or off the music, simply push the button once. The same applies if someone is calling you in the middle of your listening session – to answer or end the call, simply press the button once. However, if you want to reject the phone call without picking it up, press and hold the button for 2 seconds. Finally, if you want to call back the last person you rang:  press the button twice.

What’s the furthest you can be away from the smartphone while using these headphones?

You can listen to your music while being up to 10 meters away from your smartphone.

For some reason my headphones are not turning on – what shall I do?

Don’t panic – simply charge your headphones to the fullest and check if the LED light is glowing.

I had my headphones paired with my “Bluetooth” device, then disconnected them, and now I cannot pair them again – what shall I do?

Most importantly - don’t worry. On your device go to “Bluetooth” settings, select BH102 from the list of available devices, and click on ‘Forget’. Now, your device has ‘forgotten’ that it was paired with your headphones, so you can do the pairing again. Your headphones might also be connected to another nearby device, in which case you would need to disconnect them from that device.

ACME Wireless In-Ear Headphones

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