ACME Wireless Charger, 1.1 A

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About product

Tired of tangled, too short or too long charging cables? Lose them all with ACME CH301G Wireless charging pad which requires no cables nor connection – simply put the phone on the pad and it will start charging. Since the charging pad supports Qi standard*, your phone will be charged quickly to save your precious time. The charging pad itself is slim and compact, features elegant and solid look thus will easily blend in on your working table.

Technical Specification


DC 5 V, 2 A/DC 9 V, 1.7 A


DC 5 V, 1 A/DC 9 V, 1.1 A (10W)

Charging distance

6 mm



All Specifications

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ACME Wireless Charger, 1.1 A

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