ACME True Wireless Earbuds

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About product

No more being restricted by wires. This is your opportunity to go truly wireless and look great while doing it. Meet the first ACME True Wireless Earbuds that come in 2 colours: black and white! Always have the best soundtrack playing in every situation. And never run out of battery unexpected! The portable charger has LED indicators that will let you know when the battery is getting low and it’s time to recharge. Get to know your new stylish and truly wireless companion! 

Continuous playing

Enjoy up to 5 hours of continuous music on a full charge and extend that time by another 15 hours with on-the-go charging case

Voice assistant

The earbuds support voice control which allows to use (if supported by device) a virtual assistant and control certain phone features

Splash proof

Earbuds are resistant to random water drops

Auto connect

Earbuds turn on and connect automatically to each other and phone once taken out from the case, they turn off once you put them back into the case

One button control

Easy, quick and convenient control of the music and incoming calls

Rechargeable battery

Charging time – up to 1,5 hours (2 hours if charged with the portable charger)

Auto shutdown

When your headphones get too far from the phone, they will automatically shut down in 10 minutes

Portable charger

The case of the earbuds has an integrated power bank that can charge the earbuds in 1,5 hours which gives 5 more hours of listening time. Portable charger holds up to 3 full charges

Battery level on phone

Displays the remaining level of the battery on the screen of the phone* 

*Depends on smartphone model and software version

Battery level indicator

The LED lights on the back of the portable charger indicate the battery level

Stereo calls

Hear every word loud and clear in both ears while on the phone

Technical Specification


Wireless in-ear

Driver diameter

8.2 mm

Frequency response

20–20 000 Hz


16 Ω

All Specifications

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