ACME True Wireless Earbuds

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There is no time to untangle knotted cables of earphones while rushing to the school or work. There is no place for cables in the urban city jungle in general. Fortunately, there is one choice to avoid all this – ACME BH411 True wireless in-ear headphones. To start with, the type of these in-ear headphones is true wireless meaning they consist of two separate earbuds not connected with any cables. To pre-empt worries about losing them, let us say earbuds firmly stick in the ear if you put them right, turn and fix. When you do not use them, they can safely be stored in their case. Moreover, these in-ear headphones feature auto connect thanks to which you have to pair them with smartphone manually only once. Afterwards they connect to the phone automatically once you take them out from the case. Just do not forget to turn on Bluetooth on your phone. The sound of these in-ear headphones is natural and in high quality – perfect choice for your favourite music! Read more about these features and more bellow.

Technical Specification


True Wireless

Driver diameter

6 mm

Frequency response

20–20 000 Hz

Playback time

Up to 12 h

All Specifications

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As a start, how do I turn on my earphones?

The process is very simple – if both of them are off, press both buttons (multifunctional buttons) located on the earphones and hold for 3 seconds until the blue sensor flashes 3 times and you hear the sound.

Next, how do I turn the earphones off?

The process is as simple as for turning them on – when both earphones are on, press one of the buttons (multifunctional buttons) located on one of the earphones and hold it for 3 seconds until you see the red sensor flash 3 times and you hear the sound – now you can plug them into the charging port.

Can these earphones connect to the paired device automatically?

Of course, they can! When both pieces are off, take both of them out of the charging port at the same time, so that they can automatically inter-connect, and the right piece (the main one) will connect to the paired device.

How does the process of automatic earphones pairing work (together with the charging port)?

The process is quite straightforward: take the pair of earphones out of the charging port and wait for 10 seconds. The earphones will turn on, which will trigger the automatic pairing regime. On the right piece you should see both red and blue LED indicators quickly flashing, while on the left piece you should see a slowly flashing blue LED light – this indicates that both of your earphones are ready to be paired with your device. In your device turn on the “Bluetooth” feature and select BH411 from the list of available devices – your earphones have now been paired and you should hear a confirmation sound in your right piece!

How do I pair the earphones manually (without the charging port)?

When both pieces are off, press and hold both of their buttons (multifunctional) for 3-4 seconds, which should lead to a tiny signal coming out of both earphones indicating that their channels have been connected. Then the signal will indicate, which piece is the left one (left channel) and which one is the right one (right channel). Finally, the right piece will let out the signal. On your device, turn on the “Bluetooth” feature and select BH411 from the list of available options and finish the pairing. Once done, your right earphone should let out the signal confirming that your earphones have been connected.

How do I charge the charging port/earphones?

BH411 charging case has an inner battery, which has to be fully charged before using it for the first time. When charging it for the first time, it will take approximately 2 hours to fully charge it. Please note, that if you are not using the device for a long time, please charge it at least once in two months so that to avoid battery oxidation and consequent damages of the product. You need to use the USB cable for charging the case. There is a light indicator on the charging case, which turns red while it’s being charged and switches off once the charging case is fully charged. Place your earphones into the charging case, close the lid, and let them charge. Same as for the charging case, the light indicator on the earphones will turn red while charging and will switch once they are fully charged.

How long can a fully charged battery last for?

A fully charged earphones battery can last for up to 3 hours (it can last for another 9 hours if being supported by the charging case). When the battery is close to running out of energy, you will hear a signal indicating that the earphones need to be charged asap.

I wonder if these earphones have an integrated microphone, which can be used for talking over the phone?

Of course, they have! The process of using it is very simple: if you want to pick up the phone or end the conversation simply press your right piece’s (main one’s) button (multifunctional) once. If you want to reject the incoming call while listening to music, simply press and hold the right piece’s button for 2 seconds. Finally, if you want to call back the last person you dialled, simply press the right earphone’s button twice.

Are these headphones resistant to water?

Unfortunately, this device is not fully waterproof, but only protects from accidental splashes. Please do not allow for any direct contact with any liquids, and you should definitely not dive into the pool with them on!

My earphones are not turning on or switching off for no reason – what shall I do?

Don’t panic, your battery must be low, so please charge both your earphones and the charging port.

What shall I do if the music has stopped playing for no reason?

No big deal – simply check if your earphones are still paired and connected to your device, as well as check if your “Bluetooth” settings for playing media are on. If these two options are fine, then simply try to disconnect your earphones from the device and pair them back together again.

I’ve noticed that while charging my earphones, the light indicator on the charging port is not working – what might be the reason for that?

The reason for that might simply that the source of energy is not strong enough or the USB cable is damaged. Try changing the USB cable or switching to another charging port.

I’ve noticed that while charging my earphones, the light indicator located on them has stopped working – what might be the reason for that?

The reason might be that the earphones are not getting enough of energy - please check if the earphones are correctly placed into the charging case.

ACME True Wireless Earbuds

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