ACME High-speed wireless mouse

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About product

New mouse in the assortment – ACME MW15 High-speed wireless mouse! Switchable DPI is a very convenient function for the users who prefer to adjust the speed of a mouse cursor according to the task they perform. Another outstanding feature of this mouse is the size. Large size mouse is convenient for people with larger than average palms. Thus, this mouse is a perfect choice when speed and size matters.


Convenience for long working hours

Wireless connection

Operating distance up to 10 m

Switchable DPI: 1200/2400/3500

Choose whether high or low speed of cursor’s movements is needed

8 buttons

Increased working efficiency

Windows button

Faster access to the start menu

Double-click button

Performs double-click action by clicking only once

Large size

Convenient for people with larger than average palms

Technical Specification

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