ACME Dual Wireless charger, 2x10 W

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Do you have Qi-compatible devices in your family? Aren’t you tired of overloading your home interior? From now you can forget other chargers and buy only one for all Qi-compatible devices. Especially comfortable and easy to use ACME CH305 Dual Wireless charger will definitely make you to forget other traditional chargers. Simply put your smart devices on the charger and they will start charging simultaneously. In order to read the message or pick up incoming call just grab your phone. ACME CH305 Dual Wireless charger is made from anti-slip rubber thanks to which the charger and the phone stick firmly on any surfaces.

Technical Specification


DC 12 V, 2.5 A


Qi enabled devices


DC 5 V, 1 A / DC 9 V, 1.1 A (20 W)

Charging distance

Up to 6 mm

All Specifications

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How does this wireless charger work?

The charger uses “QI” technology, which works using magnetic induction method. This technology requires transmitting and receiving coils. The alternating current, passing through the transmit coil, creates a magnetic field, which in its turn creates voltage in the receiving coil, and which is used to recharge the battery of the mobile device. The wireless charger meant to be used by the devices consuming 10W or less of energy such as mobile phones.

How do I know if my phone supports this wireless technology?

In order for the phone to be compatible with the wireless charging technology, it should support the „Qi“ standard. Since this technology is fairly new, you will hardly find any older phones having this standard integrated in them. In order to check your phone’s compatibility, please refer to your device’s user manual. 

How powerful should be the wall charger in order for it to charge my phone using ACME CH305 wireless charger?

Don‘t worry about it! The wall charger is included in the package!

Does this charger support a fast-charging wireless mode?

Of course, it does! If you want to enjoy the fast-charging mode, please use the charger, which has an integrated „Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0/3.0“ mode and a compatable smartphone. 

Can I charge my phone without taking it out of the case?

Of course, you can! However, avoid cases made either out of metal or silicon. Case has to be not thicker than 6mm.

How do I initiate the charging process with ACME CH305 wireless charger?

The process is super easy – simply place your smartphone (or any other compatible device) or two of them (there are two wireless charging zones) on top of the wireless charger with the screen up and check if the charging process has begun – done!

How do I know that the charging process has begun?

The white LED light should be always on, which would indicate that the device is being charged.

My phone gets slightly heated when being charged, is that normal?

During the charging process your charger and your phone might get slightly heated, that’s absolutely normal.

What does the flashing LED light indicate?

If the device, which you are trying to charge, for example your smartphone, is placed incorrectly on the wireless charger or it’s not compatible, the LED light will start flashing. This is an indicator for you to check if everything is connected correctly and try again.

My phone is placed on the wireless charger but the battery will not charge – what shall I do?

Don’t panic! First of all, please make sure that your phone is compatible with the “Qi” wireless charging standard. Secondly, please check if your phone is correctly placed on the wireless charger. Next, check your phone’s (or any other device which you are trying to charge) user manual and look for the exact information about the integrated “Qi” wireless charging receiver. Also, if you are using a phone protection case, it might be blocking the signal, so check that too. Finally, check if your USB charger is not damaged and powerful enough, and make sure everything is connected properly.

How long does it take to charge my phone using this wireless charger?

It’s hard to tell since it depends on a number of factors, such as your battery’s capacity, phone’s specifications, phone’s energy consumption rate, phone’s position on the wireless charger, charging distance, etc. 

ACME Dual Wireless charger, 2x10 W

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