ACME Wireless Car charger, 10 W

Recommended price: 29,99 Eur

About product

ACME CH304 Wireless Car charger not only charges your phone while you drive - the smartphone will be placed safely and conveniently in the car. You may use navigation and charge your phone at the same time - the charger mounts on the air vents wherever you want. ACME CH304 Wireless Car charger is particularly easy to use - simply place your phone inside the phone holder, the clamp automatically adjusts to fit it with a secure grip. To take your phone off a charger simply pull the phone upward, its quick auto lock & release design will release the clamps.

Technical Specification


DC 5 V, 2 A / DC 9 V, 1.67 A


Qi enabled devices


DC 5 V, 1 A / DC 9 V, 1.1 A (10 W)

Charging distance

Up to 6 mm

All Specifications

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