ACME Virtual Reality Glasses

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About product

Take your reality to the next level with ACME VRB01 Virtual reality glasses. Discover and explore the secret world with 3D and 360° video which makes the view on the phone screen come alive. Appreciate the completely focused image thanks to pupil distance and focal length adjustment. Embrace incredible gaming experience as well, because these glasses support 3D and 360° games. Enjoy comfortable wearing and easy-fit straps which allows to put glasses very quickly and smoothly. And finally, take the best use from the accessories included in the package: microfiber cloth plus wet wipe to maintain the surface clean and sponge cushion plus soft frame to firmly put even smaller phones.


Fits phones from 4” to 6”

Secure phone placing

The phone is securely and firmly placed inside the box, no chance of phone falling off if the closing unexpectedly opens because of extra bracket

Virtual reality & games

You can enjoy 360° and 3D videos as well as games

Lenses adjustment

Excellent field of view thanks to lenses adjustment according to Your needs

Comfortable wearing

Easy-fit straps allows you to put on the glasses very quickly and smoothly

Cleaning kit

Microfiber cloth & wet wipes included in the package

Extra accessories for smaller phones

Sponge cushion and soft frame are included in the package so even the smaller phone can be put firmly and securely

Technical Specification

All Specifications

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