ACME Multi-Hub, Type-C

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About product

So many devices to use and so little ports in your PC… Forget the previous sentence with ACME HB550 Multi-hub, Type-C! Two USB ports are here for your convenience so you can connect few devices to your computer at the same time. Since they support USB 3.0, data will be transferred quickly and easily. Hub features card reader as well as Power Delivery function which allows to charge PC while using connected devices. In addition to that, there is no need for special programmes or installations to use the hub. Simply plug & play!

Card reader

Reads SD as well as Micro SD cards

Power delivery

Allows to use connected devices meanwhile charging the computer via hub

USB 3.0

Faster data transference

2 x USB ports

Connect various devices to your computer at the same time

Plug & play

Simply plug the hub to your computer and start data transferring without any additional programmes or installations

Technical Specification

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