ACME Tilting TV Wall Mount, 17-42"

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About product

ACME MTST12 Tilting TV wall mount, 17–42" to position Your TV for the best viewing angle according to Your needs. This mount is suitable for TVs with the screen size varying from 17” to 42”, maximum weight up to 20 kg. Moreover, it is closely secured to the wall – only 25 mm distance. Plus, the magnetic bubble included in the mounting kit as well as all necessary screws ensure quick, easy and even installation.

Tilting function

Allows to adjust TV for the best viewing angle according to Your needs

Even installation

Magnetic bubble level guarantees easy, quick and even installation

Screen size


Maximum weight

Up to 20 kg

Universal VESA standard

From 100 x 100 to 200 x 200

Distance to the wall

Only 25 mm distance to the wall

Technical Specification

All Specifications

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