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Are you one of those people who cannot imagine spending quality time with friends in nature without music? Bring your own party with you anywhere you go! ACME PS404 Portable Bluetooth speaker is powerful and loud, has bass and treble control so your music is heard well in wide open space where the party is just getting started. The playtime of this speaker is up to 12 hours to surpass sunny day at the lake or crazy party night at the campfire. For your convenience there is several playback options: Bluetooth connection to play music from the phone, micro SD slot, USB input, aux cable and FM radio. Besides, even though the speaker is relatively big, it is easily transportable thanks to wheels and handlebar on the top. So take ACME PS404 Portable Bluetooth speaker and be the party, be the music your friends and family enjoy!

Bluetooth connection

Easy wireless pairing with enabled devices

Non-stop music playing

Battery of the speaker offers up to 12 hours of continuous playing; however, you can still listen to the music even when the speaker is charging

High quality and powerful sound

Full-range and natural sound for all your music, treble and bass control


Speaker has wheels and handlebar for easy and convenient transportation

Convenient control

All control buttons are placed on top of the speaker so you can easily start and stop playing music, volume up/down, switch songs

Remote control

Speaker has a remote control so you can manage your music from the distance

Music playback

Speaker has USB and micro SD inputs, aux cable as alternative to the phone connected to speaker via Bluetooth to play the music

Integrated FM radio

Listen to your favourite radio wherever you are

Guitar and microphone connection

For enchanting guitar music evenings at the campfire, for karaoke nights with friends

Technical Specification


Portable Bluetooth speaker

Playback time

Up to 12 h

Driver size

1 x 7.62mm; 1 x 20.32


4 Ω

All Specifications

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What connection ports does this portable speaker have integrated?

This portable speaker has 3.5 mm AUX and “Bluetooth” connection to control your sound with your smartphone or other devices with compatible connections. If you want to use the speaker without a smart device it‘s not a problem, the speaker also has micro SD and USB connections for sound. Mono TS ¼‘‘ and stereo TRS ¼‘‘ will give you the opportunity to connect microphone and guitar. For charging it uses DC connection port.

How long does it take to fully charge this portable speaker?

It takes between 3 and 6 hours to fully charge this battery

How long can a fully charged speaker last for before the battery dies out?

The battery is great! A fully charged speaker can last for up to 12 hours straight. However, you should note that the lasting of the battery also depends on other factors, such as volume and temperature of the surrounding area.

Is this speaker supported by one-off batteries or a chargeable one?

This device has a built-in rechargeable battery, which should be fully charged before the device can be used. The process of charging it is super simple – simply connect your speaker to the 12V charger, which is included in the package, and plug the charger to the source of energy. 

How will I know that the device has been fully charged?

While the device is being charged, “charging” LED indicator switches on and once the speaker has been fully charged, the “Battery Full” indicator switches on.  

For some reason, my speaker‘s maximum volume is very low – is it broken?

Of course, it’s not! Simply increase the speaker‘s volume not only on the device itself, but also using the remote control. The speaker‘s volume can be adjusted in two ways: the analog volume control knob on the speaker or the digital volume control using the included remote control. Once the highest digital adjustment level has been reached, the speaker‘s screen will show a „U15“ sign. 

Does this speaker has an integrated microphone?

The package does not include the microphone; however, you can purchase and use any microphone with a TS ¼ “type connection. 

How can I use guitar input?

First of all, insert the suitable cable into the GUITAR slot and turn the speaker‘s volume down to zero. Next, gradually start turning up the speaker’s volume until you reach your desired level. Finally, since there might be some interferences, we recommend you to use a high-quality coated guitar cable with an integrated display. Enjoy! 

How do I pair this speaker with my phone?

The process is very simple. First of all, turn on the “Bluetooth” mode by pressing the input channel button on the front panel or the mode button on the remote control (check for button marks in the operating instructions). You will then hear an indicating signal. Next, turn on the “Bluetooth” mode on your device (smartphone) and select PS404 from the list of available options. Finally, if required, please key in the pin code – 0000. 

The device is asking me for a pin code – where can I obtain one?

You don‘t need to obtain one – the pin code is 0000.

I disconnected my phone from the speaker and now I cannot pair it back again – what shall I do?

Don’t panic – simply go your phone’s “Bluetooth” settings, select “PS404” from the list of available options, and click “Forget”. Your phone has now ‘forgotten’ that it was paired with your speaker, so you can repeat the pairing process again. Also, there is a chance that your speaker has been accidentally paired with some other device located nearby – in this case you should disconnect your speaker from that device.

How do I listen to music using USB or “Micro SD” card?

The process is simple. First of all, select “USB / micro SD” mode by pressing the input channel button on the front panel or mode button on the remote control. Next, once you ‘ve selected the “USB/micro SD” input mode, you should hear an indicating signal – done! By the way, this device supports both MP3 and WAV audio formats.  

How do I play songs using “AUX” connection?

Easy – select “Auxiliary” mode by pressing the input channel button on the front panel or the mode button on the remote control. Once this is done, you will hear an indicating signal – simple, right?

What’s the maximum allowed operating range of the wireless speaker (in other words – how far can the speaker be away from the phone when connected via “Bluetooth”)?

For the speaker’s ideal performance, the speaker should not be further than 10 meters.

Is this speaker resistant to water?

Unfortunately, this device is not fully waterproof, but only protects from accidental splashes. Please do not allow for any direct contact with any liquids, and you should definitely not dive into the pool with the speaker!

How do I set-up different radio stations?

This process is as simple as all the others – in order to start the automatic radio tuning, press the start/stop button on the front panel or the start/stop button on the remote control. Once the device finds any radio stations, it will save them down automatically. 

ACME Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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