ACME Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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About product

Stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth or plug it into any smartphone with audio cable, or simply insert micro SD card – never been so easy to listen to the music anywhere you go with ACME PS303 Portable Bluetooth speaker. The music fest will last for up to 6 hours. The sound is clear and crisp as well as loud with rich bass. In addition to that, all the control buttons are conveniently placed on the top of the speaker so you can switch songs, volume up/down within a single touch. 

Bluetooth connection

Easy wireless pairing with enabled devices
Long battery life

Up to 6 hours of continuous playing
Convenient control

All control buttons are placed on the top of the speaker so you can easily start and stop playing music, volume up/down, switch songs

Technical Specification


Portable Bluetooth speaker

Playback time

Up to 6 h


3.5 mm AUX/Bluetooth/Micro SD

Frequency response

80 – 20 000 Hz Hz

All Specifications

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ACME Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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