ACME Dynamic Bluetooth Speaker

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About product

We introduce simple yet functional speaker for practical people. First of all, thanks to the Bluetooth connection the pairing of devices will be fast and simple – it allows easy wireless pairing with all enabled devices. Moreover, the rechargeable battery lasts for 6 hours – almost whole working day or a great party evening! Plus, the speaker is portable, compact and easy to move around if needed.

Bluetooth connection

Easy wireless pairing with enabled devices


Lightweight and compact, thus, easy to carry around if necessary

Long battery life

Up to 6 hours of playing

Universal compatibility

Compatibility with all audio devices with 3.5 mm jack

Technical Specification


Portable Bluetooth speaker

Playback time

Up to 6 h

Driver size



3 Ω

All Specifications

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What audio connectivity options does this portable speaker have integrated?

This portable speaker has 3.5 mm AUX and “Bluetooth” connection to control your sound with your smartphone or other devices with compatible connections. If you want to use the speaker without a smart device it‘s not a problem, the speaker also has micro SD and USB connections for sound.

How long does it take to fully charge this portable speaker?

It takes only up to 2 hours to fully charge this battery.

How long can a fully charged speaker last for before the battery dies out?

The battery is great! A fully charged speaker can last for up to 6 hours straight. However, you should note that the lasting of the battery also depends on other factors, such as volume and temperature of the surrounding area. 

Is this speaker supported by one-off batteries or a chargeable one?

This device has a built-in rechargeable battery, which should be fully charged before the device can be used. The process of charging it is super simple – grab your USB cable (included) and connect one of its ends to the speaker and the other one to the source of energy – your laptop, for example, and let the device charge!

How will I know that the device has been fully charged?

While the device is being charged, a red-light LED indicator switches on. Once the speaker has been fully charged, the red-light LED indicator switches off.

Does this speaker have an integrated microphone so that I can use a ‘hands-free’ feature?

Of course, it does! When your speaker is on “Bluetooth” mode and someone calls you in, you will hear an indicating signal. In order to pick up the call, simply press the Play/Pause button, and when you want to end the call, repeat the same action. However, if you want to reject the call, simply press and hod the same button for 2 seconds.

What’s the process of pairing the device with the phone?

The process is very simple – turn on the speaker by pressing and holding the “on/off” button for 3 seconds. Quickly flashing blue LED indicator means, that the device is ready to be paired. Next, on your phone turn on the “Bluetooth” feature and select PS109 from the list of available options – done, your speaker has been paired with your phone!

I disconnected my phone from the speaker and now I cannot pair it back again – what shall I do?

Don’t panic – simply go your phone’s “Bluetooth” settings, select “PS109” from the list of available options, and click “Forget”. Your phone has now ‘forgotten’ that it was paired with your speaker, so you can repeat the pairing process again. Also, there is a chance that your speaker has been accidentally paired with some other device located nearby – in this case you should disconnect your speaker from that device. 

How to make sure that the device is ready to be used?

Very simple – once you’ve paired the speaker with your phone you will hear an indicating signal and will see the blue light start slowly flashing.

Can I view the remaining of my speaker’s battery on my phone’s screen?

You can, but it highly depends on the phone’s model and its software’s version.

What’s the maximum allowed operating range of the wireless speaker (in other words – how far can the speaker be away from the phone when connected via “Bluetooth”)?

For the speaker’s ideal performance, the speaker should not be further than 10 meters.

Is this speaker resistant to water?

Unfortunately, this device is not fully waterproof, but only protects from accidental splashes. Please do not allow for any direct contact with any liquids, and you should definitely not dive into the pool with the speaker!

What devices are compatible with ACME Bluetooth Speakers?

Any Bluetooth device that supports audio playback is compatible with ACME Bluetooth Speakers. This includes: laptops, tablets, mp3 players, smartphones and other Bluetooth-enabled audio devices.

ACME Dynamic Bluetooth Speaker

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