ACME Smart Watch

Recommended price: 79,99 Eur

About product

We have little something to improve your daily life – smartwatch which will keep you updated with your schedule (calls, meetings, other notifications) as well as will serve you good when you exercise thanks to high accuracy heart rate. To start with, ACME SW201 Smartwatch will inform you about all notifications you usually get to your phone, like incoming calls, emails or social networks notifications. Besides, you can set your own reminders in the watch to never again miss your favourite show on TV or simply drink more water during the day. Furthermore, this smartwatch has high accuracy heart rate monitor which makes every heart beat count to provide you with precise results of your training. To get even more accurate results, you can choose between different sports you are taking and see results of that concrete exercise thanks to multi-sport mode. All this information may be viewed on your phone in the special app or simply on the smartwatch screen. Worthy to mention the screen is colourful and touch-sensitive for easy navigation and control. 

High accuracy heart rate monitor

Tracks heart activity while you are both exercising and resting

Multi-sport function

Allows to select several different activities


Counts your steps, distance and burnt calories

Colourful touch screen

Responds to the touch to display time & date, calories burnt, heart rate and other functions

Sleep monitoring

Counts average hours of sleep, deep and light sleep time, indicates the hour of falling asleep and waking up

Get all notifications to the watch

Informs about incoming calls and messages, meetings, social networks notifications, i. e. all notifications your phone gets may be visible in the watch

Set your own reminders

You can set your own reminders, like take medicine, time to eat, etc. directly in the smartwatch

Integrated mic & speaker

Functions as free hands device

More useful functions

Vibrating alarm, remote camera shutter (take photos with your phone by pressing the button on the tracker), weather display, voice recorder, anti-lost alert, remote music control, contacts synchronization

Technical Specification


Android 4.4 and above, iOS 8.0 and above, Bluetooth v4.0 and above

Heart rate monitor


Bluetooth version

V4.0 BLE

Wrist size

170 - 230 mm

All Specifications

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Chill out, we got your back! Check out User Manual for detailed information about product or go to Product Support.


Which app shall I use for your device?

You should install our amazing app OrunningSW.

Is there a guidance on how to set the time and date on the device?

Simply pair the device with your phone, and the time will be set automatically. Another option is to set the time manually in the watch’s settings menu.

I love swimming – can I take this device for a swim?

Unfortunately, this device is not fully waterproof, but only protects from accidental splashes. Please do not allow for any direct contact with any liquids, since such damages are not covered by the warranty.

What kind of notifications can I set-up to receive on this device?

There are plenty of functions on this device, enabling it to inform you about incoming calls, messages, reminders, physical inactivity, and even about your daily activity achievements, like for example – 10,000 steps challenge completed!

How do I make calls with this device?

First of all, please make sure that your smartwatch is connected to your phone via Bluetooth, as well as check if you’ve enabled calls and access to your contacts on your phone. Next, swipe left on your watch’s interface and select your preferred contact to proceed to a call. You can also do it another way – simply switch to the dialer and dial in the number manually. 

How do I use voice assistant on this smartwatch?

First of all, please make sure that your smartwatch is connected to your phone via Bluetooth, as well as check if you’ve enabled calls and access to your contacts on your phone. Next, swipe left on your watch’ interface and press on the microphone icon to use your smartwatch for voice assisted services, such as Siri, Google Assistant, etc. 

How long does the battery last?

The battery is great! It will last for up to 2 days straight.

How do I charge the smartwatch?

The process is very simple – simply attach the magnetic charging cable to the watch. Next, please make sure that the charging pins of the cable are correctly connected to the charging contacts of the smartwatch. Finally, connect the cable to an electricity powered USB port, such as USB wall charger, computer USB port, power bank, etc.

How long does it take to charge the device?

It takes up to 2 hours to fully charge the device. 

How do I turn on/off the device?

Very simple – press and hold the button located on the side for 3 seconds and your device will switch off/on.

How to navigate the menu of the device?

For the device to start recording you don’t need to do anything – simply connect the app to the device and it will start recording and analysing your activities and your sleep automatically. To navigate the menu, this device’s touchscreen allows for easy and smooth experience. Finally, by pressing the button located on the side you will return to the main screen of your watch.

How do I activate the screen?

There are two ways of activating it: either by pressing the button located on the side, or automatically by moving your hand (this feature has to be enabled on your smartwatch first though). 

How do I change the main watch’s interface?

The process is very simple – simply press and hold your finger on your watch’s touchscreen while being on the main interface. You can now swipe left and right to choose between different types of interfaces. 

How does this device calculate the number of calories I’ve burned through the day?

The device first of all records the number of steps you’ve taken throughout the day and then multiplies it by the average number of calories burned by making one step! It also depends on your age, weight, height – don’t forget to fill all your data in app! Simple yet smart!

And how does this device calculate the number of steps I’ve taken?

This device uses an integrated accelerometer, which identifies every single arm movement we make and records our steps based on that. The same sensor is used by all newest smartphones, which proves it to be actually useful!

How do I activate a sports mode?

Simply keep swiping up while being on the watch’s main interface until you see the sports mode. Select it and click ‘start’. As soon as you click the ‘start’ button, the sports timer is activated, as well as all of your sports data, such as duration of the activity, distance, burned calories, and heart rate, are being calculated and recorded until you finish your session. Once you’ve finished, simply swipe up the main interface and click stop – done!

How do I measure my heart rate using this smartwatch?

Simply keep swiping up while being on the watch’s main interface until you see a heart icon. Next, simply click on it, wait for the animation to end, and a heart rate measurement will pop-up.

Is there a possibility that this device might have any inaccuracies in heart rate results and if yes, what might possibly cause them?

Unfortunately, it can, and it’s normal across all such devices. The key reasons for showing inaccurate results might be: 
- non-standard way of wearing (such as display turned towards the wrist)
- the green light does not fully cover your skin, so the device does not get the full signal
- arm swings as well as the slight movements of the device while being worn loosely on your wrist
- don’t wrap it too tight though, as it might also cause inaccurate results!
- any odd body movements, which might affect normal blood circulation, such as raising arm high and clenching your fist for example
In the end of the day, it’s still largely dependent on each person’s physiology, type of movements, location of the wear, regardless of whether you are wearing a wrist-based sensor or a chest heart rate belt. The main thing to remember is – this device should not be used as an alternative to professional medical tools, and the data presented by this device should not be considered to be the most accurate indication of your health condition.

I’ve noticed that the device is counting steps even though I am not even walking – why is that happening?

As it has been mentioned previously, the device uses accelerometer, which is triggered by any movements of your body, so if you are sitting on a chair and moving your arms, cycling, or travelling by car, it might still record these movements as steps. Don’t worry though, these small oversights have little influence on your daily activity results!

When the device’s battery dies out, it switches off and automatically disconnects from my phone. Once I charge it back up again, do I have to go through the pairing process again?

First of all, we would highly recommend not to let your device’s battery to fully die out, but if it still has happened, then simply charge your smartwatch back up, go to the app, and synchronize the device with your phone manually again.

I’ve noticed that the device records steps while I am driving the car – how does that work?

As it has been mentioned before, the device uses a sensor called accelerometer, which identifies all your body movements and counts them as steps. While you are driving, you still move your arms to steer the wheel, and your body slightly moves too, depending on your vehicle suspension’s stiffness, which is why the device starts counting the steps. Don’t worry though, these small oversights have little influence on your daily activity results!

I’ve also noticed that the device also counts steps while I am sleeping – how does that work?

Well, the answer is the same as to the previous question – while you are sleeping, you are probably turning around and tossing, which triggers the accelerometer and it starts counting these movements as steps. Don’t worry though, these small oversights have little influence on your daily activity results!

Why do different manufacturers' devices show similar numbers of steps but different distances travelled?

The answer is quite straight-forward – these devices are programmed to calculate steps and distances using a unique algorithm, and each manufacturer has its own unique algorithm developed, which is why the results tend to be different – it’s that simple!