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Smart scales showing more than just weight! With ACME SC202 Bluetooth smart scales you can track changes of your body fat percentage. In addition to that, you can check your BMI and see where you stand according to your age and gender with your weight. Another great function – BMR measurement which tells you how many calories you need to perform daily basic functions, like breathing or digesting. Thanks to the double signal technology the measurements are more accurate. All these statistics go to your phone and are displayed in the special app. Finally, scales are easy to set up and simple to use for everyone.


Technical Specification


Electronic scale


Bluetooth v4.0


LED for weight

Body fat measurement

BIA technology dual frequency

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What data do these smart scales record?

Our smart scales record a range of human body‘s data, such as weight, body fat percentage, BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), and even BMI (Body Mass Index)!

How do these smart scales work?

Our smart scales use BIA (Bioelectric Resistance Analysis) technique, a safe, low-power electrical signal is being send through the user’s body – interesting, right?

How does this device calculate my body fat percentage?

Although the electrical signal has difficulties getting through human body‘s fat, it can easily get through the fluids located in muscles and other tissues. The resistance for the signal to get through is called impedance, and the stronger the impedance, the higher the human body‘s fat rate is. * Body fat readings can be affected by drinking too much or too less fluids, recent physical activity, thick calluses, and weighing at different times of the day.

Could you explain what is BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)?

Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the amount of energy you lose each day while resting and which is determined by your gender, age, height and weight. It is the energy level you need to maintain to keep your vital organs working, such as heart, lungs, brains, and the rest of the body. It is pretty cool thing to know on a daily basis and our device is a perfect tool for calculating and displaying it to you!

Could you explain how does this device calculate my BMI (Body Mass Index)?

It does so by using your height and weight, which you have to manually enter into the app. The formula for BMI is very simple – weight (kg) divided by height (m) squared.

Which app shall I use to pair my smart scales with my phone?

You should use the app called “Feelfit”. This app will not only allow you to calculate your BMR, but also to record data from different days and the progress being made.

Can synchronize the data recorded in this app with other apps, such as “Apple Healt”, “Fitbit” or “Google Fit”?

Of course you can! You can do so by adjusting settings in the “Feelfit” app.

Can my smart scales record data of different people?

Of course, it can! Simply follow these steps:
- Open the app and go to ‘My Account’ section
- Click on ‘Add Member’ and create your friend’s profile
- Go calculate your friend’s BMI by following the same steps as you do when weighing yourself!

Can my smart scales automatically detect the person who is being analyzed?

Unfortunately it cannot, but it will take you less than 10 seconds to do it manually!

Is there a limit as to how many people profiles can I create in my app?

The short and pleasant answer is – limitless!

My smart scales’ screen shows signs “Lo” and “EER” – what do they stand for?

“Lo” indicates that something is wrong with the batteries, so check if the batteries are in place and are fully charged; “EER” means that the weighing sensor is overloaded or might even be damaged. We highly recommend to never weight anything weighing above the threshold identified in the device’s technical specifications.

Which batteries shall I use for my smart scales?

The device uses four tripple-A batteries.

What’s the maximum weighing limit of these smart scales?

The allowed weighing range is quite wide: between 5kg and 180kg.

My app has stopped working – it doesn’t show any weighing results for some reason – what shall I do?

Don’t panic, simply restart your phone, turn the app back on again, and switch on the “Bluetooth”. Check if your smartphone is connected to the smart scales (settings/device/management/add device) and is paired with the app itself. Finally, check if the app is synchronizing the results once you are on the scales weighing yourself. Is it working now?

I sometimes forget to synchronize my weighing results - will the smart scales save my data for some period of time?

Your weighing results are recorded and saved as soon as you step onto the scales. However, once the memory is full, some of the results will be deleted, so we highly recommend to synchronize your data with the „Feelfit“ app at least a couple of times a week.

ACME Bluetooth Smart Scales

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