ACME Bluetooth Smart Scales

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ACME Smart scales have upgraded - even more features and detailed readings! See how your body is changing and how changes in your workouts or diet are affecting your body. From now on, the FeelFit mobile app will help you follow the whole wellness journey. The body weight sensors will divide the scales into appropriate groups: muscle, skeletal, subcutaneous and visceral fat, and body water. This way you will be able to assess what your body lacks the most and where you are already doing everything possible. Also, the ACME SC103 Smart Bluetooth scales will determine the metabolic age of your body, so you can monitor whether the metabolic age coincides with your actual one, or perhaps your body has become more athletic than those of your age group? And if you need company during your fitness journey, all family members can download the app and use the scales!

Technical Specification

Body fat measurement

BIA technology


100 g

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ACME Bluetooth Smart Scales

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