ACME Smart Wi-Fi Door and Window Sensor


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Do you have to leave home often or simply want to be sure that your home is safe? It is enough to purchase ACME smart door / window sensor and in your phone you will always see, when the home doors or windows are opened or closed. First of all, the sensor can be fastened on different surfaces: doors, windows, cupboard doors, drawers. If you have children at home – the sensor on medicine cupboard will inform you, if the children decide to check what is inside this cupboard. Also if during being out the rain suddenly starts, the sensors fastened on the windows will allow to see their status in a special mobile app. If some unexpected guests visit your home and try to tear off the sensor – it will immediately send a warning message to your smartphone about attempt to tear off the sensor. Create ACME ecosystem in your home by purchasing other ACME smart home devices. For example, if you have ACME SH2102 smart door / window sensor and ACME SH1101 smart “Wi-Fi” plug, you can create a scenario that upon opening the street-door, the illuminator will switch on (it must be plugged into smart plug.) Or put a setting that upon opening the window in the living-room, the air conditioner switches off automatically. Creation of a scenario is very simple – you only have to use your creativity and imagination. Another advantage of the sensor – very easy fastening. The sensor can be very easily and without much effort fastened with a double-sided tape without affecting the surfaces.

Instant Notification

When the windows or doors with fastened sensors are opened, the mobile app immediately warn about it
Easy Scenarios

Creating of scenarios is very easy – with other available ACME smart home devices they will “communicate” with each other, and this will expand the possibilities of scenarios. For example, in the mobile app you can put a setting that upon opening a window in the summer the air conditioner switches off automatically
Battery Level on Phone

In the mobile app you will see the sensor battery level. Furthermore, 2 AAA type batteries are included in the package

In the mobile app at any time you can see all the trends of sensors – when the doors or windows were opened, closed

Due to the fact that the devices interconnect by “Wi-Fi” connection, it is not necessary to purchase any additional central controller or expensive smart home subscriptions
Remote Control

In the mobile app you can monitor the status of doors and windows - whether they are closed or not.This can be done even when you are far away from home
Voice Control

The smart “Wi-Fi” plug is compatible with virtual assistants “Amazon Alexa” and “Google Assistant”, so the status of the sensors can be found out using your voice

The sensor is operating with the help of „Wi-Fi“ communication, thus at home you will not need any additional installation works, no wires
ACME Smart Home Ecosystem

With other available devices of this category you will be able to create your own smart home ecosystem. This will allow to create more effective and attractive scenarios in the mobile phone app, e. g., put a setting that upon returning home and opening the street-door, the free-standing illuminator in the hall switches on automatically

Technical Specification

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