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With ACME SH1101 Wi-Fi Smart Plug every home is a smart home. If you think that remote control of your house devices is possible only with expensive smart house installation - you are wrong. The Smart Plug is an affordable solution to help every electronic device become a smart one. Simply plug a lamp to ACME SH1101 Wi-Fi Smart Plug – your lamp has just become smart. A special app will allow you to see electricity consumption of electronic devices as well as weekly or monthly graphs. All devices connected to the smart plug will be displayed in one single application. Also, you will be able to schedule device operations. For example, if you leave home to work every day at 7:00 am, you can set home devices to turn off at 7:20 am, that’s how you save electricity. Thanks to scheduling, you can easily set a towel rail to work only in the morning and in the evening – for wet towels to get dry. Another great function of the Smart plug is remote control. Control electronic devices even when you are far from home. Imitate that you are at home - set a timetable for the home lights to turn on periodically. No one will even notice that there is no host at home. Moreover, if you have virtual assistant Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant at home, you will be able to control all the devices plugged into the smart plug by voice. There are loads of features of ACME SH1101 – all you need to do is to use your imagination.


No need to buy an extra hub or paid subscription service because the Smart Wi-Fi Plug works with any Wi-Fi router
App Control

Easily control all devices connected to the ACME SH1101 Smart Wi-Fi Plug via specialized app
Energy Monitoring

All real-time and summarized data of energy consumption are placed in specialized app
Remote Access

Smart Wi-Fi Plug allows you to control devices even when you are away from home

Schedule the Smart Wi-Fi Plug to power off and on electronic devices as needed, like setting the lights in the morning or turn off a towel rail when you are away from home
Voice Control

Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Control devices connected to the Smart Wi-Fi Plug with voice commands
Easy Scenarios

Creating of scenarios is very easy – with other available ACME smart home devices they will “communicate” with each other, and this will expand the possibilities of scenarios. For example, in the mobile app you can put a setting that upon opening a window in the summer the air conditioner switches off automatically
ACME Smart Home Ecosystem

With other available devices of this category you will be able to create your own smart home ecosystem. This will allow to create more effective and attractive scenarios in the mobile phone app, e. g., put a setting that upon returning home and opening the street-door, the free-standing illuminator in the hall switches on automatically

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