ACME Wireless Power bank, 10000 mAh

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Everyone has been in a situation where the tough question is asked: which do I charge first: my power bank or my phone? The ACME PB301 Wireless Power bank solves that dilemma once and for all. After a long day outdoors charge both your phone and the power bank with the help of an included power bank dock. Place the power bank in the dock and put your phone into the dock too this way you’ll get a handy phone holder on your bedside table.

Fast wireless charging

Fast and powerful 10 W wireless charging

Power delivery function

Power delivery protocol guarantees a faster charging time through the USB-C port

Two-way USB-C

The USB-C port on the power bank has a two-way connection, therefore can be used to charge other devices or to be charged itself

Technical Specification

Battery capacity

10 000 mAh

Output capacity

Up to 6 500 mAh

Output type 1

DC 5 V - 3 A (15 W); 9V - 2A (18 W); 12V - 1,5 A (18 W)

Output type 2

DC 5 V - 3 A (15 W); 9V – 2A (18W); 12V – 1,5V (18W)

All Specifications

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ACME Wireless Power bank, 10000 mAh

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