ACME CA04 Realistic web camera

ACME presents new CA04 Realistic web camera specially created to ensure realistic online communication. This webcam works via USB port of your computer. It is an ideal webcam for its plug and play and real-time transmission. It is compact, easy to carry, high speed – making your life more colourful and delivering fresh and vivid long distance communications. ACME CA04 Realistic web camera – it’s a true image of you.

Special features
  • Realistic view - High resolution CMOS color sensor
  • True sound - Built in high sensitivity microphone
Rozdzielczość wideo VGA - 640 x 480
Mikrofon Built–in, high sensitivity
Kompatybilność Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Capture speed: 640x480 – 25 fps, 2560x1920 – 15 fps, 6324x4742 – 15 fps
  • Button: snapshot button for capturing photos
  • Other features: fixed focus, contrast, sharpness and image saturation, built-in image compression, automatic whitebalance, automatic color compensation, special effects
Warranty Terms 60 month(s)
Połączenia USB 2.0
Rotation 360 degrees
Zawartość zestawu PC camera, drivers CD, user manual
Product No 094988
Barcode 4770070872420

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