ACME Magnetic Air Vent Smartphone Car Mount

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About product

Please welcome the new family of ACME car holders which share similar looks and functionality. According to your preferences and needs you can choose either magnetic or clamp car holder mounted on air vent or windshield/dashboard – four holders in total. All of them are lightweight and small, thus, do not take much space in the car and looks elegant. Besides, they are universal and feature 360° rotation meaning you can put your phone in landscape or portrait mode. 


Thanks to adhesive metal plates and the magnet integrated in the mount, it sticks neatly to the back of the smartphone without any additional clamps or bells

Air vent mount

The mount is easy to install to the air vents and is perfect solution to place the smartphone safely and conveniently in the car

Adjustable angle

The magnetic grip can be rotated at any angle (360°) so the phone can be used in both landscape and portrait mode

360° rotation

You can place your phone either in landscape or portrait mode

Technical Specification

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