ACME Micro USB Cable, 1 m

Recommended price: 4,99 Eur

About product

Smooth and sleek various TPE cables are here for your convenience. Choose the connector type according to your needs since we offer a number of them: micro USB, Lightning or Type-C. All of them come in two colours as well as two lengths – respectively black and white, 1 or 2 metres long. Plus, they are perfectly suitable for both data transferring and charging.

Cable length 1 m

Long cable ensures convenient use of the connected devices

Different types of connectors

Micro USB, Lightning or Type-C cables for charging and data transferring

Different colours

Every cable is made in 2 colours, black and white, so you can choose the one that matches your devices

Smooth coating material

Made from TPE material, cables give you soft rubber texture, thus, they are comfortable and convenient to use

Technical Specification


USB-A to micro-USB

Cable length

1 m

USB version


Data transfer rate (max)

480 Mbit/s

All Specifications

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