After you chose me

Find out everything there is to know about your new device. With this F.A.Q. section we’re answering all the burning questions: from setting up to fun new ways to use.

Is there guidance on how to set the time and date on the device?

Simply pair the device with your phone, and the time will be set automatically – easy!

How long does it take to fully charge the device?

Process is really fast - it takes only up to 2 hours!

How do I navigate the menu of the device?

For the device to start recording you don’t need to do anything – simply connect the app to the device and it will start recording and analyzing our activities automatically. To check the recorded data, this device’s touchscreen allows for easy and smooth switch between the different modes.

How do I activate the screen?

There are two ways of activating it: either by pressing the button located on the side, or automatically by moving your hand (this feature has to be enabled on your smartwatch first though).

How does this device calculate the number of calories I’ve burned?

The device first of all records the number of steps you’ve taken throughout the day and then multiplies it by the average number of calories burned by making one step! It also depends on your age, weight, height – don’t forget to fill all your data in app! Simple yet smart!

And how does this device calculate the number of steps I’ve taken?

This device uses an integrated accelerometer, which identifies every single arm movement we make and records our steps based on that. The same sensor is used by all newest smartphones, which proves it to be actually smart! 

What if I don’t synchronize the device with the phone very often, will it record the data in its own memory?

Of course, it will, but only for a few days, so we highly recommend to manually synchronize the device with your phone at least once a week in order to avoid any loss of data.

I’ve noticed that the device is counting steps even though I am not even walking – is there something wrong with the device?

Please don’t panic, the device is totally fine! As it has been mentioned previously, the device uses accelerometer, which is triggered by any movements of your body parts, so if you are sitting on a chair and moving your arms, cycling, or travelling by car, it might still record these movements as steps. Don’t worry though, these small oversights have little influence on your daily activity results! 

Why do different manufacturers' devices show similar numbers of steps but different distances travelled?

The answer is quite straight-forward – these devices are programmed to calculate steps and distances using a unique algorithm, and each manufacturer has its own unique algorithm developed, which is why the results tend to be different – it’s that simple!