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Find out everything there is to know about your new device. With this F.A.Q. section we’re answering all the burning questions: from setting up to fun new ways to use.

How do I pair my headphones with my smartphone?

It‘s very simple. Turn on your headphones by pressing on the power button for a few seconds. Once both blue and red LED lights start quickly flashing, it’s an indicator that the headphones are ready to be paired. The next step is to turn on “Bluetooth” on your smartphone and select your model from the list of available options. The blue flashing LED light on your headphones indicates that your device has been successfully paired with your smartphone and are ready to be used.
* Please note that if the headphones have lost your smartphone’s “Bluetooth” connection and hasn’t been used for 10 minutes, it will automatically switch off (great way to save battery, right?)

Do these headphones have an integrated microphone?

You bet they do! Enjoy talking over the phone hands-free!

My headphones ran out of battery. Is there a way for me to still listen to music?

There is! Simply connect your headphones to the source of music using the AUX cable. However, this will not work with in-ear type headphones, because they do not have an AUX port.

How do I turn the volume up or down?

It’s very straightforward – simply press the volume up or volume down button if you want to adjust the sound volume. The device will inform you with a signal once the highest volume has been reached. Also, press and hold the up or down button to switch to the next or the previous song from the playlist. 

What does a multifunction button do?

Well, there are a lot of ways to use the multifunction button to your advantage. First of all, in order to switch on or off the device, you simply press and hold the button for 3 seconds. Next, in order to turn on or off the music, simply press the button once. The same applies if you want to end the phone call. However, if you want to reject the call during your listening session, press and hold the button for 2 seconds. Finally, if you want to call back the last person you rang:  press the button twice.

What’s the furthest you can be away from the smartphone while using ACME Bluetooth headphones?

You can listen to your music while being up to 10 meters away from your smartphone.

For some reason my headphones are not turning on – what shall I do?

Don’t panic – simply charge your headphones to the fullest and check if the LED light is glowing.

I had my headphones paired with my “Bluetooth” device, then disconnected them, and now I cannot pair them again – what shall I do?

Most importantly - don’t worry. On your device go to “Bluetooth” settings, select your model from the list of available devices, and click on ‘Forget’. Now, your device has ‘forgotten’ that it was paired with your headphones, so you can do the pairing again. Your headphones might also be connected to another nearby device, in that case you would need to disconnect them from that device.

Is it possible to pair my headphones with 2 smartphones (or other 2 devices) at the same time?

Not all models have this function, but if yours should, we‘re here to help! Here is the step-by-step guide: pair your headphones with your first device (say it‘s a smartphone), switch the device off, and switch off the headphones. Next, repeat the same process for the second device (say it‘s another smartphone). Once both smartphones are paired with the headphones, turn your first smartphone back on, turn on the “Bluetooth” feature, and select your model from the list of available devices – ‘voila’, both of your smartphones are now paired with your headphones! 

When I am trying to pair my headphones, the device asks me for a pin number – where can I obtain one?

You don‘t need to obtain it from anywhere – the pin number is 0000.