ACME Bluetooth Selfie Stick

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Hozzáadás a kívánságlistáhozÖsszehasonlít
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If You travel a lot and prefer exploring unseen places by Yourself, selfie stick is a must-have thing and the best travelling companion. Just imagine the freedom to have picture of Yourself anywhere You want taken by the best photographer – You! For that cause we offer ACME MH10 Universal Bluetooth selfie stick. First of all, this selfie stick features Bluetooth connection meaning no need of additional cables and no more bother with connection of devices. Moreover, its’ length is adjustable enabling You to choose the best angle for marvellous picture or video. As You can guess from the title this stick is universal, compatible with IOS 5.0 or newer and Android. And of course it is compact, specially designed to be easily carried around.

Flexible grip head

Allows to use selfie stick with various phones of different sizes

Adjustable length (18–80 cm)

Enables to choose the best angle for ideal picture or video

Bluetooth connection

Allows wireless control of making pictures and videos

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