ACME Autós okostelefon-tartó

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Hozzáadás a kívánságlistáhozÖsszehasonlít
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Probably there is no such a day you would go without using a phone or driving a car. Let us offer simple, yet time and space saving solution for convenient use of the phone in the car. ACME MH11 Car mount for smartphones features pleasantly minimalistic design and it is very easy to install by simply sliding it onto one of car’s air vents. Furthermore, it comes with 2 adhesive metal plates which can be attached either at the back of phone case or at the phone directly. Consequently, the phone sticks firmly to the mount, it is placed and taken off by a single touch and may be positioned according to your needs because of 360° rotation.


Thanks to adhesive metal plates and the magnet integrated in the mount, it sticks neatly to the back of the smartphone without any additional clamps or bells

Air vent mount

The mount is easy to install to the air vents and is perfect solution to place the smartphone safely and conveniently in the car

360° rotation

You can place your phone either in landscape or portrait mode

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