ACME Digital/analogue gamepad

Javasolt fogyasztói ár : 11,99 Eur


It does not matter if You are a true gamer or just a passing by player from time to time, ACME Digital/analogue gamepads will meet Your needs for the best gaming experience. Each hit, crash and explosion will be more realistic when every move is echoed with the help of dual vibration these gamepads feature. You will always stay in control because of 4 shoulder buttons and 2 joysticks plus Your moves will be quick and smooth thanks to 8-way D-pad. No need to mention that these gamepads are designed to be ergonomic in a way not to tire Your hand and be comfortable to hold. So, enjoy long gaming sessions or quick play during the lunch break with ACME Digital/analogue gamepads, with gamepads to hit the spot!

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