ACME GA09 digital gamepad

Buttons 12 + 4 shoulder buttons
Cable length 50 + 160 cm
Vibration Yes
Input mode D-input/X-input
Joystick 2 x 360°
Cable type USB 2.0 + micro USB
Warranty Terms 60 month(s)
Compatibility Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/10, Android, PS3
Type Digital/analog gamepad
Product No 173672
Barcode 4770070877265

ACME GA09 Easy-to-match gamepad can be called the dream gaming device for true players. The biggest advantage and feature because of which it stands out in the market is its’ compatibility. Imagine 1 gamepad that can be used with Windows, Android and PS3! Plus, it is easy to set up and use with Your favourite games thanks to D-Input/X-input which are the 2 most common input standards. Your instincts will guide Your actions over the familiar layout – 4 shoulder buttons, 2 joysticks and 8-way D-pad for fun, pleasant yet quick and accurate game. Since it can be paired with many different devices, gamepad will serve for gaming as well as for surfing the net for example, navigating the connected device from Your coach. So choose ACME GA09 Easy-to-match gamepad, take Your favourite games, sit back and enjoy!

ACME GA09 Windows 7/8/10 (32/64bit)driver

User Manual GA09


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