Ignas Rumbutis, Head of Product Department at ACME Europe

IFA 2018: what will the major technology sharks offer us this year?

The 58th exhibition IFA 2018 starts tomorrow. It is one of the largest technology and electronics exhibitions in Europe. The annual exhibition takes place in Berlin and brings together not only the masses of visitors but also the major technology market sharks, such as Dell, Samsung, Huawei, LG and others.

What to Do to Keep the New Year’s Resolution to Lose 5 kg?

Did you know that only 12 per cent of people realise their New Year’s resolutions for healthier lifestyle? Why is this number so low? Studies have shown that this occurs because the goals people set are too ambitious – one will not start doing everything they have failed doing before in just one day. People are often unable to answer to themselves why they want these changes.

Far-fetched Technologies and Reality

The most discussed topic in recent months in the media – artificial intelligence, robots and their integration into our daily lives. The cause of this is a humanoid Sophia who initiated such talks when visiting Lithuania recently. But are the robots really our tomorrow?

Survey Revealed the Cards – What do People Really Want for Christmas?

A few weeks ago, the results of the survey on Christmas gifts were astonishing – among the most desired gifts dominate the smart leisure goods such as activity trackers, drones, virtual reality glasses. So you can safely say that the trends in Christmas gifts are changing, practical things are valued more than candlesticks or figurines. Read on to find out what your friends and family really want for Christmas.

Best Packages in Lithuania – ACME among Winners

81 packages projects participated at National Package Design Awards which are being held 3 years in a row. 19 packages won different awards in various categories. A closer look to the packages may be taken at exhibition of Baltic Food and Drinks BAF 2017 at Litexpo Conference Centre.

Daylight Saving Time: Its Influence on Your Body and How to Control It

We will officially say goodbye to summer in a few days - and on 29 October, we will enter winter time and turn our clocks back one hour. We have been changing the clocks in this way for more than 100 years; however, benefits of daylight savings time to the economy (through electricity savings) or to people have not yet been proven.

Do You Know the Difference between a Guarantee and a Warranty and do you Know Your Rights?

You have bought a new charger and it doesn't charge, or a kettle that doesn't boil, and a fridge that doesn't cool the way it should... does this sound familiar? If so, then you've probably heard the retailer claim that, “if it doesn't work or if it's broken, we will replace it straight away, as the customer is always right.” However, is it always that easy to return a low quality product, or a product which you don’t like?

IFA 2017 – What Appliances Will We Mostly Look for in the Shops?

The most important trade show of the region IFA 2017 took place in Berlin, Germany, 1–6 September. The exhibition included products that are new to the market as well as categories introduced earlier; all of them being gadgets/devices that we are most likely to be looking for in the shops.

The Most Popular Smart Devices of 2017 You Would Like to Have in Your Backpack

For some time now, smartphones have become the tool we could not imagine our daily routine without. Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Google, and a lot of useful leisure and education apps on one screen. It is not a coincidence that the most popular items this autumn are related to smartphone devices.

How to Create High Quality Memories Captured from a Holiday

Have you ever been disappointed after watching your holiday videos?  Do the jaw-dropping peaks of a mountain seem to be no different from the protruding hills in your homeland, and does your video of a spectacular educational trail show simply a dusty track instead of the beauty of nature?