Užduok klausimą

Calories are calculated using the age, weight, height, sex, steps taken and heart rate entered for each person.

Some bracelets only count the active calories burned by moving while others count both active and basic calories. Basic calories are calories that people burn in the morning, after a night of sleep, on an empty stomach and when at complete rest.

The number of steps taken is counted using an accelerometer. This is a device in the bracelet that records arm movement and identifies when we move, how we move, and when it should or shouldn't count our steps. The same sensors are included in all more recent smart phones.

Wearing the bracelet at night is in no way hazardous to your health.

The ACT05 smart bracelet has two modes – regular and active. During active mode, the heart rate monitor never stops working to record your heart rate. When active, the number of steps taken, distance travelled and heart rate are all added to this mode and are not added to the total results for that day. The information collected during active mode can be found in the app in the section dedicated to that information.

The ACT02/ACT03 smart bracelet has two modes – regular and sleep. The sleep mode is activated by hand. The information collected during sleep mode can be found in the app in the section dedicated to that information.

The mode can be changed by holding down the button on the bracelet and activated by pressing the button twice. It can be turned off by pressing the same button one more time.

This mode is turned on and off by pressing and holding the button on the bracelet.

The smart bracelet is not waterproof and only has protection from stray splashes of water. Wearing it in the shower is not advised.

The smart bracelet's operating time depends directly on how it is used. Pairing the smart bracelet with a telephone using a Bluetooth connection, moving actively, measuring your heart rate by hand or constantly activating the screen will all reduce its battery life and cause the device to lose power more quickly.

The smart bracelet takes 1 hour to charge.

Synchronisation with the app can only occur by hand.  The app must be turned on and the user must drag across the telephone's screen from the top down until the synchronisation process starts.

When measuring heart rate by hand in regular mode, it is recommended to wait a bit until the data stops fluctuating and stabilises. This is because it is very difficult to determine the correct heart rate over a short period.

Contact the product's manufacturer. Do not use the malfunctioning charger and do not disassemble the smart bracelet yourself.

The bracelet counts not just steps, but larger arm movements as well, so moving actively without walking much can still collect a significant number of “steps” on the bracelet's screen at the end of the day.

We recommend not allowing the bracelet's battery to completely die. After charging the bracelet, all you have to do is go to the app and perform the synchronisation process by hand.

When driving a car, the bracelet will not record the entire trip as distance travelled. However, it may record several steps because your motions while driving or even while sitting are similar to those we make when we walk. The accelerometer in the bracelet records them as steps. Your driving style and the stiffness of the vehicle's suspension can also affect the accuracy of the data. The number of steps recorded should not be significant and should not significantly affect your final daily result.

The bracelet may count your tossing and turning as steps if you sleep with it on. The number of steps recorded while sleeping is usually minimal and should not affect your final daily result.

The distance is calculated according to the number of steps taken and our height. Different manufacturers use different arithmetic formulas to measure distance, so their results may vary.