About us

ACME Grupė

Founded in 1993 ACME Grupė is Lithuanian company creating, producing and distributing technological solutions and products. ACME Grupė unites a number of companies which operate in such areas as production of electronic devices and home appliances, distribution and repair service for electronic equipment, as well as distribution of films and niche production. Today ACME Grupė includes 37 companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Belarus and Kaliningrad. The consolidated revenue of ACME Grupė was over 527 million EUR in 2017.

ACME Europe

ACME Europe is member of ACME Grupė. The company was founded in 1994. Now it is a leading company for 24 years in Europe offering innovative solutions in the categories of consumer electronics. Our company is also a distributor of a vast range of the leading worldwide brands. More about ACME Europe may be found here.

ACME brand

ACME is an optimal brand – technologies we create are available for everyone and relevant for today.

Relevance: we guarantee ACME technologies are opportune and relevant for today. It is more than only a promise that our products will always fulfil standards, it is stylish, active and social life, comfortable and delightful daily routine.

Technologies: we are certain that technologies are the key that stimulates progress and gives a pleasure to cherish even the smallest things on an ordinary day. We are more than happy to share the results of our inspirational work with clients.

Accessibility: we always seek convenience for everyone. We wish to be here when we are needed. Our products are created for a reasonable price, because we believe that our clients deserve a pleasant, active and comfortable living right here, right now.

Universality: we know that nowadays life is unimaginable without a few things, such as a computer or the most ordinary bulb. By understanding daily life needs we offer products that make a life more convenient, brighter and better, full of more joy every day.


ACME products are awarded at many national and international competitions. The following awards have already become trademarks of exceptional design and products quality.

ACME PEANUT mouse was awarded at Geras dizainas 2012, Inovacijų prizas 2012, Plus X award 2012, iF DESIGN AWARD 2013;

ACME JUNGLE earphones were awarded at Geras dizainas 2013;

ACME Urban harmony product line was awarded at Inovacijų prizas 2013;

ACME PEAK Messenger bag-backpack was awarded at iF DESIGN AWARD 2014;

ACME MOON headphones were awarded at iF DESIGN AWARD 2014.

ACME DROP Screen cleaner 2 in 1 iF DESIGN AWARD 2015 and Geras dizainas 2015.

ACME BAT Bluetooth speaker + one knob control was awarded at Geras dizainas 2016.


ISO 9001 Quality management system

On September 9th ACME Europe started to use ISO 9001 Quality management system. The system is based on eight quality management principles:  customer-focus, leadership, people involvement, process approach, system approach, continual improvement, factual approach to decision making and mutually beneficial supplier relationships. 


UAB "ACME Europe"

Company code: 301589946
VAT code: LT100003908315
Raudondvario pl. 131B, LT-47191 Kaunas, Lithuania
Phone: +370 37 333533
E-mail: info@acme.eu