What to Do to Keep the New Year’s Resolution to Lose 5 kg?

Did you know that only 12 per cent of people realise their New Year’s resolutions for healthier lifestyle? Why is this number so low? Studies have shown that this occurs because the goals people set are too ambitious – one will not start doing everything they have failed doing before in just one day. People are often unable to answer to themselves why they want these changes. They also lack the knowledge of how to develop proper habits, do not have the necessary support or like-minded companions. Fortunately, we live in the age of technological development. Thus, let us introduce the TOP 5 smart devices, which can help realise the New Year’s resolutions and lose extra weight.

The Device that Can Be Found in Any Pocket

If you are determined to change your lifestyle, but you want to do it in small steps and without considerable investments, it is time to pull out your smartphone of your pocket. Only this time, you will not be checking social media or spending half an hour watching the videos of cute animals without even noticing it. It is said that clearly visible results are the best motivation. This is where the mobile phone comes in.

There is a number of free apps, which can help you keep count of the steps and calories. Also, there are plenty of applications, which will remind you to do your workout, and allow to set up a nutrition and exercise plan. The most popular is one is My Fitness Pall, which, in accordance with your current height and weight and the desired weight, will calculate how many calories you need to consume. FitNotes can help create a training program, while Runkeeper or Endomondo will record the distance you walk or run. All you need to do is download the app and keep track of your results!

Scales Are Not Your Enemy

Another device, which can help you achieve the set goals, is the smart weighing scales. How are they different from the regular scales? Smart scales show not only your body weight, but also the muscle to fat ratio, body mass index and other parameters. Why is it useful? It is mistakenly believed that the main weight loss indicator is kilograms. Muscles weigh more than fat, thus, as your body is getting in shape, the numbers may not be changing so much. It is often demotivating, because we only rely on the kilograms, and while being critical to self, may not even notice the transformation in the mirror.

Therefore, if you take into consideration both the dropped kilograms and a changed muscle to fat ratio, it will be much easier and faster to see the definite results. The motivation will not fade, but will become stronger.

Your Watch Showing More than Just Time All Along

Do you sit a lot at work? Have you ever stayed behind your desk without moving, and before you knew it, half a day has gone by? Then it is time to start using a smart bracelet, which will count the steps and calories, and will remind you to move. You can buy a smart bracelet that will start vibrating at a set time encouraging you to get up and make at least 100 steps.

Of course, besides counting the steps, the smart bracelet has many other features. "If you are working out, the special phone app will show the types of exercises you did. You can do warm-ups or fat-burning activities at a chosen tempo. Analysis of the figures can help achieve better results,” said Ignas Rumbutis, Head of Product Department at ACME Europe. “The app also allows to watch the time of your light and deep sleep cycles, and you can correspondingly go to bed or get up earlier. Feeling good and having a high level or motivation are strongly related. I personally use ACME ACT303 Smart Bracelet with a heart rate monitor, which features different fitness modes. I like to keep track of the changes of results while performing different exercises. After all, calories are burnt differently during walking, jogging or playing tennis,” added the specialist.

Music Makes it Easier to Achieve the Set Goals

It is a basic truth, but we often forget that music has a powerful influence on our mind, and if chosen properly, can help you achieve your goals – as long as you have the right accessories. You will not need any expensive home audio systems, just the headphones. If the goal this year is to make more steps on a daily basis, an excellent solution will be the wirefree earbuds. They do not take much space, no tangled up wires, and are convenient and easy to bring along anywhere you go.

If you decided to do active sports, it is best to choose special sports headphone. They are resistant to perspiration and often feature special hooks preventing them from falling out during intensive movements. Good music and comfort is exactly what you need to make those 10 extra minutes on the treadmill.

When the Gym, Cycling and Group Workouts do not Help

Has a treadmill never been your friend? Do you get quickly bored during long walks, while riding a bicycle seems to be so last year? What about hoverboards? You must be thinking: “What kind of workout is it when you are given a ride?” Believe me, just by trying to stand on the hoverboard you will be using most of the muscles in your body. In order to turn, turn around, stop or go faster, you will need to use certain groups of muscles, particularly on your legs and back.

The only drawback is the price of these electric transportation devices. It starts from one hundred euros, and if you want to purchase a top quality, fast and reliable hoverboard, you might be spending at least five hundred.

So, may this year be what you wish it to be. Do realise the important changes, however small. Go for your goals, but not alone – use the smart devices, after all, that is what they are here for.