We start the year 2020 renewed: the user experience is essential


Last year was a time of some special changes for the Lithuanian ACME brand. Following the innovations in the technology market, and in the light of the changing habits and everyday lives of consumers, it was decided to renew the entire ACME brand identity: from the range of devices and the packaging to our logo. 


“After realising that technology and consumers are constantly changing, we realised we must change along with them. The research and statistics company Statista has predicted that the popularity of smart home devices will grow by up to 30% in 2022. To move forward along with the current market needs, we are introducing a renewed ACME brand and a new smart home category. We are particularly proud of the simple management and quality of the products available in this category,” said Mindaugas Laurinaitis, ACME Brand Manager.

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According to Laurinaitis, the new ACME range is well-structured and easy to understand, as it consists of four product categories: audio and video; wellness; smart home; and mobile phone accessories. For the modern user, the smartphone has become the main everyday tool that all other smart devices now need to adapt to and connect with. Therefore, the new range in all four categories is dominated by devices that will support, complement and pair with mobile phones. 

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“When designing the range and adding new products, we first try to answer the following two questions: How will it make a person’s life easier? And is the device easy to operate by connecting it to a smartphone? Based on these principles, we could define the new ACME brand very clearly and thus facilitate the choice for buyers,” said Laurinaitis.

What is new? 

While the first changes to the ACME brand have appeared in stores since mid-2019, individual products from the previous product range can still be found. Starting this year, ACME has completely abandoned the production of CDs, which will now be replaced by four major new product categories:

In the audio category, a special emphasis is placed on freedom from wires, so most of the headphones and loudspeakers will be wireless, while the latest models of our Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) headphones are in line with the market leaders.

In the wellness category, ACME is offering a new large range of smart bracelets and watches, from the simple bracelet with a step counter to waterproof watches with many functions. The products in this category are accompanied by smart scales, which will allow you to track your health results in an effortless manner.

The mobile phone accessories category will include phone holders as well as wireless chargers and external batteries of various styles and capacity. All of this makes using mobile phones even more convenient and secure.

The development of the smart home category is still accelerating and will soon be expanded, but for now you can find smart sensors, indoor cameras and smart LED lights in our product range. All of these devices are easy to connect and operate with a single app on your smartphone.

The renewal has deliberately kept the recognisable orange elements associated with the ACME brand, but we have also introduced some new brand colours.

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“To make it even easier for customer to choose our products, a new colour system (purple, green and blue) has been introduced, which allows the products to be sorted according to their ‘smartness’, and of course, their price. For example, a blue colour means the product is the leader in its category with more features, and it can be targeted at a more advanced user. Thus, even with seemingly identical goods at hand, the consumer can easily understand the differences between our products,” said Laurinaitis, ACME Brand Manager.

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  The ACME online platform will help customers choose the most suitable device

One of the priorities of the company’s renewed strategy is the democratisation of technology. Many devices on the market are often tailored to the advanced users who know exactly what they want to achieve and how to use the device they have purchased. Meanwhile, our experiences and live conversations with our customers have been telling us something different. As a result, ACME is now publishing useful information in several formats on its website, ranging from frequently asked questions to video instructions. 

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To further empower the buyer who is deciding whether to buy one or another device, we are sharing sincere tips on our website on how to choose exactly what they really need, rather than what they saw their friend, neighbour or classmate using. We can rely on many years of experience and we feel obliged to share our knowledge with those who want to try some new technologies, but are not ready to spend much money,” said Laurinaitis.

The ACME brand started its development back in 1994, when the founders of the ACME Group expanded their operations and started to import and distribute audio and video cassettes in Lithuania. Until the beginning of 2019, this brand was owned by ACME Europe UAB, but was later acquired by another ACME Group company, ACC Distribution UAB. The brand has now been a successful part of ACC Distribution for a year.