TOP 3 ACME Smart Home gadgets for 2021

A significant amount of time was spent indoors in 2020. Even though it was not by choice, we can choose to make something useful from that time. One of the possibilities: reflect on your time at home and see how exactly it could be improved. All those daily tasks that have become mundane can be turned into an automatic action that happens somewhere in the background.

We’ve been looking at our sales results and customer reviews to see which products would be essential for the optimal Smart Home experience. Here’s a short list of ACME Smart Home solutions that will make your life easier:

#3 ACME Smart LED Bulbs

Smart home LED Bulb; interior; tan desk lamp; leather couch Perfect lighting is something that can affect our lives in so many different areas: from emotional health to interior design and physical health.

 Firstly, it is the perfect solution when you just crave a quick an easy change of scenery. A different light color and temperature can change the vibe of the room so   fast that you won’t know if it’s the light or you actually traveled somewhere. A warm, yellow-toned light will remind you of a holiday on a beach somewhere on the Mediterranean while colder blues and greens can transport you to a cozy night of chasing Northern lights in Iceland.

 Also, don’t forget to match your lighting to activities that happen in a space. If it’s your reading nook - white, colder light will be your best friend. It will put the   least amount of stress onto your eyes. Once you’re finished reading and would like to switch back to the dark academia library aesthetic – just dim the lights and   choose a warmer yellow! And if you’re more of a TV fan, make sure to match the lighting to your TV. Remember, that darkness and TV screen contrast is not your   friend but so are bright lights. Ambient and accent lighting is what you need!

#2 ACME Smart Power Strip

Smart home; Smart power strip; white desk; office Are you a creature of habit? Or maybe the opposite – a forgetful and distracted individual? Either way, a Smart power strip can be used to make your everyday life   just a little less hectic.

 If you already have a stable routine in your day, you‘re probably looking at ways to effectively use time and cut down on it being wasted. Start by automatizing the   tasks that you‘re already performing without fail. It could be as simple as turning on the heater at the same time to switch off all plugged-in electronics to save   money on electricity bills. Go through your day, identify those little things and schedule them all on the Smart Life app. Finally, enjoy your freshly discovered free   time!

 On the other hand, do you find yourself once again cursing at the somehow still cold water heater? If only someone remembered to turn it on before going to   bed... Schedule it on the Smart Life app and it will not happen again! Overslept in the morning because it‘s too hard to wake up in the dark? Schedule your bedside light to switch on at a certain hour!

#1 ACME Smart Video Doorbell

Smart home; video doorbell; ring; gate with a doorbell Finally, our pride and joy, our number one – ACME Smart Video Doorbell! This award winning and yet very simple piece of technology will change the way you feel   about your front door.

 When safe parcel delivery is a top priority, the ACME Smart Video Doorbell will help you communicate with the courier. From providing drop-off instructions to   thanking them for their hard work. All that with zero contact! And if you’re ever curious what happens at your front door when you’re away – the smart doorbell   has a activity sensor that triggers the camera and starts recording once there’s movement in the area. See who stops by when there’s no one home or finally find   out who’s been leaving those unwanted fliers! The possibilities are endless!



If you’d like to find out more about the ACME Smart Home product line and look into the technical possibilities – visit our knowledge base or simply email us on! ?