Survey Revealed the Cards – What do People Really Want for Christmas?

A few weeks ago, the results of the survey on Christmas gifts were astonishing – among the most desired gifts dominate the smart leisure goods such as activity trackers, drones, virtual reality glasses. So you can safely say that the trends in Christmas gifts are changing, practical things are valued more than candlesticks or figurines. Read on to find out what your friends and family really want for Christmas. We shall explain more about the study by ACME Europe and present the TOP list of the most desired gifts.

In The First Place – Attention to Health

The survey was attended by almost 4,000 people who have chosen the activity trackers for the most desired gift. Even a quarter of respondents, i.e. 24.4%, would like them. In the survey it was possible to choose from several different patterns of activity trackers, and it was voted in the same way – people want activity trackers with more features such as pulse oximeter and simpler models that simply count steps and display burned calories. So, while choosing the functions of activity trackers, you should pay attention to the needs of your friend, mother or sister.

“If a person who you give an activity tracker actively does sports, a pulse oximeter that monitors heart activity is necessary. If he or she is engaged in several different sports, the function of various sports would be useful, i.e. you can choose the desired sport and monitor the results accordingly. After all, calories are burned differently in the course of running, walking, swimming or playing badminton,” says Arnoldas Saldys, the Head of the Sales and Marketing Department of the research company. “To monitor everyday activity, it is enough to have a simple activity tracker that simply shows the distance travelled, burned calories, and informs you of incoming calls. Their price is affordable to the most of people, and these devices can be purchased both in regular stores and online. Well, the multifunctional activity trackers are slightly more expensive, for example, the ACME ACT303 Activity Tracker with pulse oximeter, which has just arrived, will cost you about 70 euros,” says a specialist.

Gifts for Active Leisure

Action cameras and drones appeared in the second and third places of the polls of the most desired gifts – accordingly 17% and 16% of the respondents wanted them. The action cameras is a great gift for those who like to travel, actively spend their free time: skiing, diving, sailing, jumping, parachuting and others. Compared to conventional cameras, the action cameras are small, they are easy to attach to various surfaces, their construction is solid, and with a waterproof tray, they can be plunged into 30 meters in depth. “Depending on what kind of leisure your recipient of the gift likes, you should choose the camera's internal settings. For example, if you give an action camera to a friend who likes skiing, the main parameter to focus on is frames per second – at least 60 fps. And if he likes diving, the quality of 4K is essential to keep the image underwater bright and of high-quality,” says A. Saldys.

In terms of drones, the most desirable ones are with a GPS. It is precisely because of this feature that they are extremely easy to control, the drones are stable, they stay in the air, and when they are lost from the view, they return to the starting point. In addition, the participants of the survey a great deal of interest paid to the extremely durable, shock-resistant “indestructible” drones. Such drones are also great for beginners, as the drones fall, collide with the wall, or when they come into contact with water, nothing will happen. The price of drones in the market varies from a few dozen euros to several hundred or even thousand, depending on the functions performed. The good news is that the mentioned and desired drones are more for amateurs, and their price is definitely affordable, starting from 50 euros.

Fishing Nets only on the Hook – Time for Wireless Audio Technology

Among the most desirable gifts is wireless audio technology. The participants of the survey selected Bluetooth wireless headsets and speakers as one of the best gifts. Wireless headsets is a great gift for introverts who love listening music alone; for athletes, because good music is a great motivation; and for people who travel a lot. In the meantime, the wireless speaker, on the contrary, is an ideal option for extroverts who want to share their music with others. A speaker is also great for people who have just moved to new homes and do not have sound equipment yet.

Virtual Reality and Games for Childlike Adults

Finally, one of the most desirable gifts is virtual reality glasses. It is often thought that they can only be used to watch 360 ° video. However, choosing glasses with the control panel, allows you to bravely play various 360 ° and 3D games, plunge into the virtual world and manage it. This gift is great for the latest technology geeks and gamers.

So, having looked at the TOP list of the most desired gifts, you see that there are no candlesticks and statuary there, no smells or incense, or no hygiene kits. So, instead of buying a boring Christmas gift, choose what you really want to find under the Christmas tree. After all, it is so simple to give away when you already know what your loved ones want.