Smart home: improve your time at home as much as possible

As the quarantine has been in effect for quite some time and the wave of emotions has subsided, more and more often we are looking around our homes, thinking, how we can improve our surroundings. One of the easiest ways to do that without much effort is by making use of smart technologies. All you need for this is WiFi, the ability to shop online, and some patience until your shipment arrives. Professional experts at ACME, a Lithuanian consumer electronics brand, reveal the products that have been especially popular during this period:

Smart video doorbell

Today this is one of the best-selling and most in demand devices in the smart-home category. This little gadget not only operates as a typical doorbell, but also enables people to communicate without opening the door. This means that, when receiving a contactless delivery, you can see how your parcel is brought to your door and you will be able to ask the courier to leave the parcel in a particular spot or convey other relevant information. Most importantly, this doorbell will allow you to thank the courier for his or her work and help to all of us during this stressful time.

acme; doorbell

Smart LED bulbs

Tired of looking at the same grey walls? Smart LED bulbs are a great way to add variety to the surroundings that you’ve gotten tired of. Also, according to the emotional wellbeing info page, now changing your interior is easier than ever. In 2017, Ohio University conducted a study which showed that the colour of lighting can radically change the function of the human brain. So it is crucial for you to feel your emotional needs and satisfy them with the help of appropriate lighting. For example, in order to relax after a highly stressful day, it is recommended to choose blue or green lighting. Want to rest your eyes from constant looking at the screen? Give your home a yellow lighting. And if you’ve lost your appetite, red light should make you feel better. Of course, don’t forget that every person sees and experiences colours differently, so the required brightness at home may differ as well. In this regard, the smart LED bulbs are more advantageous than the simple colour bulbs. Using the mobile app, you can choose any of the 15 millions of possible colours or shades, adjust brightness and regulate the temperature of white colour. 

acme; smart lights

Smart door/window sensor

Are you curious how many times you open the fridge or a cupboard where your desserts are stored? From now on, you can satisfy this curiosity by attaching a small sensor to the door. It will send a notification to your phone every time the door is opened. The possibilities of using this convenient sensor are endless. Let’s say you heat your home with an electric heater and ventilate the rooms often, and you want to monitor the indoor air quality. Connect the smart sensor to the smart outlet and easily set a command through the mobile app, which will turn the heater off when the window is open. This will also prevent electricity waste. 

acme; sensor; smart home

Smart home is now affordable to everyone

Naturally, a common dream for many of us is to automate our chores, so that they can be done without our involvement. A timely turned on water heater or a remote-controlled lighting when we are cuddled up in bed in front of the TV can make our lives easier.

The Lithuanian brand ACME is taking another step towards the democratisation of technology by introducing a new category of easily connectable and controllable devices ACME Smart Home. In presenting the new product category, Mindaugas Laurinaitis, Head of ACME Brand, mentioned some of its advantages: “Not every consumer can invest a large amount of money only to try out the latest tech. Therefore, we are prepared to make the smart home accessible as much as possible so that everyone can feel its advantages. The products from the new ACME Smart Home category are not just easily affordable, connectable and controllable – you don’t even need a central controller to control them. It is replaced by a smartphone and the app installed in it.” 

The goal is to educate the consumer

Although this category is currently still being developed, you can already find such devices as the smart sensor, video doorbell, smart electrical outlets and power strips, IP cameras and smart LED bulbs.  At first, all of this can seem very complicated, but ACME introduces these products together with a detailed education platform. “The information we prepared is adapted not only to those who already know what they want, but also to those who are not sure about what choice to make. We try to explain even the most basic stuff in an easily understandable way, so that the consumer would already have his/her wishlist when choosing from a wide range of products,” Laurinaitis has added. 

In a period when technologies are being improved more quickly than a typical consumer is able to adapt, it is crucial to stay well informed. Before buying your desired device, it is highly recommended to analyse the available information, check relevant databases, and read the FAQ sections. This is the only way to avoid unnecessary waste of money, dissatisfaction with the purchased item or, on the contrary, excess functions that you don’t need.