The Most Popular Smart Devices of 2017 You Would Like to Have in Your Backpack

For some time now, smartphones have become the tool we could not imagine our daily routine without. Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Google, and a lot of useful leisure and education apps on one screen. It is not a coincidence that the most popular items this autumn are related to smartphone devices.

Power Bank is one of the most popular items in recent months. According to representatives of ACME Europe, one of the leading Information and Telecommunication Equipment Distributors, there were twice as many of them sold this year compared to the last year.

“Smart devices always need energy sources. Thanks to Power Banks, pupils and students, who are online throughout the day, can charge their devices at least 3 times a day and always be available,” says Arnoldas Saldys, the Head of Sales and Marketing Division of ACME Europe.

It is no secret that there is a limited number of charging sockets in each classroom or lecture hall, and those who have several devices, have to constantly “wait” in the queue. Power Banks solve this problem – you can carry them in a pocket and have an energy source anywhere in the world.

Wearable Smart Devices

Today, more and more youth are buying wearable equipment – Smart Bracelets, whose sales in the Baltic States have grown five times and beat the records in comparison with last year.

“Today, Smart Bracelets have become more than a fashion accessory. Using them, young people can follow their physical activity, or compete with friends on who will take more steps, as being healthy and physically active is also currently trendy.

Physical activity results can be tracked using Smart Bracelets even during the physical education lessons or by participating in sports,” says Ignas Rumbutis, the Head of Product Development Division of ACME Europe.

He adds that the growing demand for this product also depends on its price. “Smart Bracelets can now be purchased starting from 20 euros. A large and broad audience of consumers can and will be ready to pay such amount”, - says I. Rumbutis.

Audio and Video Category

According to the interlocutors, new technological needs are shaped by innovative manufacturers as well. “Another, highly popular group of items are wireless audio devices – wireless speakers and headphones. After Apple eliminated the audio jack in the autumn of 2016 (a 3.5 mm plug-in), it gave the market a certain tone, encouraging the sale of wireless headphones and speakers and increased the interest of consumers in acquiring those items,” commented I. Rumbutis.

Additionally, compact wireless audio devices have become an inseparable part of youth leisure for quite some time now. “Pupils or students, who attend schools or universities, listen to music and share it during breaks or leisure time. Moreover, these devices have become affordable and available for everyone, although their prices used to “bite” before,” says ACME Europe representative.

Technological fashion dictates growth not only in audio but also in the video gadget category. “Video devices will keep getting more and more popular – action cameras, 360-degree cameras, stabilizers that facilitate filming – that is what improves the quality of watching your life from afar,” says A. Saldys.

According to him, one more fast growing category in the market – gaming devices: “This and specially designed mice and keyboards for players that respond faster to a click or movement are designed to make playing for a long time comfortable to the player. Gaming headsets, which deliver a more powerful sound in virtual reality, are also gaining popularity.”

Top five of recommended autumn items:

Power Bank

Wireless speaker

Wireless headphones

Activity tracker

Compact backpack