Lithuanians have attended “iF DESIGN AWARD” ceremony for the fourth time

Lithuanians have received a prestigious award this Friday in Munich during the ceremony of “iF DESIGN AWARD 2015” competition for a four years in a row. “iF DESIGN AWARD” is the largest annual European design competition taking place in Germany for already 60 years. Around 2,000 invited guests: famous designers, politicians and businessmen have attended the ceremony. The latter has been held traditionally in the impressive “BMW Welt”.

This year 4,783 participants from 53 different countries have been competing in the 5 different categories: “Product”, “Packaging”, “Communication”, “Professional Concept” and “Interior Architecture”. 53 experts from all over the world have formed the commission of the competition. The president of the commission – famous designer, Prof. Fritz Frenkler. The evaluation of the participants has been done on the 20th–22nd of January. 

Designed by “ACME Europe”, “DROP Screen cleaner 2 in 1” has been among the winners, received the award in the category of “Product”, “Telecommunications” subcategory. The company has won this award 3 years in a row and is the only one to receive so many prizes in all Baltic Region. The winners have been selected after considering the design, materials, innovation, environmental impact, functionality, ergonomics, safety, brand value and universality.

Representatives of “ACME Europe” have gone to pick up the award. The Sales Director, Arnoldas Saldys, have shared his impressions: ‘We are participating in this competition for a 3 years, the exact same number of times we have won. Benefit for the winners is versatile. On the one hand, it is a great marketing tool – we are participating in the international exhibitions, events; being mentioned in various press releases, apps, etc. On the other hand, it also directly promotes our sales. The international recognition of our products design is important to our current and potential clients. This is exactly what has helped us to set a foot and establish ourselves in the sales channels such as “Asda”, “Komsa”, “Attelco”, “Notebooksbilliger” in Germany and United Kingdom. At the moment they generate 30 % of these markets turnover. The cost of 1 product participation in the competition is around 3,000 EUR. However, the investment more than pays off itself.’

Lithuanians have won this award 4 years in a row, 8 products have been awarded in total, 4 of them go under the brand name of “ACME”.

All the winners, including the screen cleaner “DROP Screen cleaner 2 in 1”, are going to be exhibited in the “Elbe Arcades” gallery from March in Hamburg. The exhibition is going to last for a few months. For those who cannot visit the gallery, online exposition is available at:

More information about the awarded product at: