LED T8 tube lights – create healthier and more efficient surroundings

For years, fluorescent T8 type tube lights have been used for lighting in commercial premises. This wasn’t without a reason though. They have quality light output, are very efficient, and have decent lifespans. That being said, it is likely their golden age is nearing to an end because a new player has entered the market. It is the LED T8 tube lights, which have numerous advantages. 

LED technologies are penetrating the lighting market at a fast pace and, according to the experts, is the future of the said market. Unlike fluorescent lights, LED T8 tube lights contain no mercury. Therefore, they are safe and entail no recycling fees. 

According to Martynas Juršys, the Lighting Expert of enterprise ACME Europe, the high-efficiency light emitting diode T8 lights produced in Lithuania are 70 percent more economical than the standard fluorescent lights. Therefore, the former may successfully replace the latter in plant, office, underground car park or emergency exit lighting. The average life of an LED T8 is 50,000 hours, which is nearly twice as long as that of the standard fluorescent T8.

Thanks to ingress protection and efficiency, fluorescent lights are particularly popular in work places; however, they are rarely used at home because of flickering. Standard fluorescent lights tend to flicker. Even though this flickering may not be apparent to a naked eye, it is irritating, causes fatigue and tires one’s eyes. Moreover, the said lights emit positive ions, which lead to stress. And their cancerous effects have been scientifically proven. Therefore, replacing fluorescent T8 lights with LED T8 may lead to improved well-being and efficiency of the employees.

“The efficiency of most of T8 type lights currently available in the market is 80-90 lm/W. Therefore, many users complain they do not produce sufficient light. However, we offer lights with the efficiency of 120 lm/W and will be introducing 160 lm/W lights to the market very soon”, – claims Martynas Juršys, the Lighting Expert of ACME Europe.

Take a look at the LED T8 and more innovations in the lighting market at the International Exhibition of Construction and Renovation RESTA 2015 held on 22-25 April.