LED Modular Luminaire System – a durable lighting strategy

LED lighting is a relatively new type of lighting. However, the pace of its growth is impressive. According to the information published by the organisation LEDinside, the global LED lighting market will grow by 31 percent in 2015. It is envisaged that the growth, started in 2014, will continue until 2018. Development of these types of technologies attracts considerable investments. Therefore, it is likely that LED lighting will be more and more penetrating ordinary people’s lives and will be increasingly used in modern city infrastructure – street, stadium or park lighting. Currently Europe, with a share of 23 percent, is the largest LED technology market. This type of lighting is becoming increasingly popular due to its economy, eco-friendliness, rapidly dropping price, safety and aesthetic characteristics.

One of the LED novelties in Lithuania is the LED Modular Luminaire System, which makes LED lighting an even more economical solution. Modernisation of the lighting system accounts for a large proportion of renovation costs. However, LED Modular Luminaire System enables savings, because the body of an LED module may be re-used, even after 5-7 years when the LED luminaire systems are much more advanced. You will only need to install new LED modules into your original body. This will reduce lighting renovation costs because there will be no need to acquire a new body or a power source or commission complicated installation works. It is especially relevant to locations with difficult access. Therefore, the required investment would significantly reduce and the works could be completed much sooner. 

“Despite the fact that an LED Modular Luminaire System is new to the Lithuanian market, we hope that the first ones to try will soon be convinced by its advantages – economy, practicality and ingress protection. The modules comply with the IP68 standard for ingress protection. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for Northern countries with high temperature fluctuations, cold nights and condensation”, – tells Martynas Juršys, Lighting Expert of ACME Europe.

Modular systems are versatile, easily adaptable to industrial or commercial premises or street and area lighting.

Take a look at LED Modular Luminaire System and more innovations in the lighting market at the International Exhibition of Construction and Renovation RESTA 2015 held on 22-25 April.