LED Line ceiling light fixtures – a versatile solution for retail areas

Scientists have proven that light is indispensable to humans and may affect their well-being and mood. Thus, it is no secret that nowadays different lighting solutions are invoked for creating exclusive design of retail areas. Numerous scientific research also proves that the light has got influence on the decision to buy or not to buy. One of such research was carried out by the research company Nielsen in 2009 and established that appropriate lighting may increase sales by 19 percent.

The advantages of LED Line type fixtures become specifically apparent in retail area design. Their asymmetric optics enable the light to be directed to shelves and make the products stand out. High colour rendering index (CRI80) makes them brighter and more attractive. Appropriate product lighting creates a pleasant shopping environment. Clients appreciate it because they can clearly see the product and read its labels.

“The right angle, colour and brightness of the lighting may present products to be more attractive and create added value, hereby enticing the customers to buy them. LED Line ceiling light fixtures have a variety of light angles and colours; therefore, they are easily adaptable to any solution in retail area interior design”,– tells Martynas Juršys, Lighting Expert of ACME Europe.

Another very important characteristic applicable to lights used in retail areas is straightforward installation and versatility. Emergency lighting, smart light management systems as well as accent lighting may be connected to ACME LED Line lights without much effort. Therefore, LED Line is a versatile solution for retail areas.

Take a look at LED Line lights and more innovations in the lighting market at the International Exhibition of Construction and Renovation RESTA 2015 held on 22-25 April.