LED light panels – style and economy combined

Rapidly improving LED lighting technologies are entering ordinary people’s lives at a fast pace. They are increasingly used for home, commercial, industrial and outdoor lighting. This popularity is increasing due to their attractive price and innovative solutions. Functional and prudential lighting is crucial at home and at work. Modern LED lighting gives unprecedented capabilities at minimum energy input. One of the novelties in the market is the LED light panel, which is soon likely to replace the Armstrong-type ceiling light fixtures, which have dominating in offices for years. 
According to Martynas Juršys, Lighting Expert of enterprise ACME Europe, everyone is concerned about saving time and resources. And, the main advantages of an LED light panel are straightforward and quick installation as well as easy maintenance. It is a complete LED technology product, which does not require any additional accessories and comes with the power source; therefore, it can be plugged straight into the 230V power supply. These types of fixtures do not require bulb replacement or cleaning.

Thanks to innovative design and exceptionally thin body, an LED light panel is attractive to interior designers. It is only 1 cm thick. Therefore, it does not require much space to integrate it into the ceiling. LED light panels may be used as additional as well as the main light source on suspended ceilings. Subject to their installation method, LED light panels may be built-in, suspended or mounted.

This solution is also suitable for workplaces. It consistently emits light from the entirety of its front surface, hereby preventing glaring. Unlike standard fluorescent lights frequently used for office lighting, an LED light panel does not flicker or tire the eyes. 

Take a look at LED light panels and more innovations in the lighting market at the International Exhibition of Construction and Renovation RESTA 2015 held on 22-25 April.