Leaders of Lithuanian Design Announced

The winners of the fourth Lithuanian design prize Geras Dizainas (Good Design) were announced yesterday at the Energy and Technology Museum in Vilnius. Twelve best products and three projects received awards during this event. The Lithuanian design prize Geras Dizainas is awarded to the most aesthetic and functional products created by Lithuanians for mass production and able to successfully compete in the foreign and local markets. 

The Lithuanian design prize Geras Dizainas is a national competition designated to discover and acknowledge the best design in the country – production of Lithuania’s companies and works of Lithuanian designers. Since 2012, the competition is being organised by the association Dizaino Forumas (Design Forum).

This year, as many as 220 designers competed for the award. The participants were evaluated by an international committee comprising six members: Sonja Dahl (Nesta, manager for innovation skills programme), Stefan Nilsson (art dealer, editor, trend analyst), Alessio Liuni (architect and designer), Maris Takk (communications manager at the Estonian Design Centre) and Prof. Serge Serov (Golden Bee, president of the biennale of graphic design)

A product created by ACME Europe – the screen cleaning set ACME DROP Screen cleaner 2-in-1 (designer Julius Bučelis) – was among the winners for the third time

“I was truly surprised to see how similar Lithuanian and Estonian designs were. I believe that our countries’ designers are at a similar level as Latvians, Finns and Swedes. However, it’s getting more and more difficult to notice any cultural peculiarities. As far as ACME DROP Screen cleaner 2-in-1 is concerned, the things I liked most were its functionality, comfortable minimalistic form and, of course, an excellent multi-functional design idea,” shared her impressions Maris Takk, one of the committee members. 

The winners’ exhibition at the museum will be held during the entire Week of Design, until 10 May.