International technologies event "DISTREE EMEA 2015" had attracted a record number of participants

International technologies event "DISTREE EMEA" 2015 takes place in Monaco from 24th to 27th of February. It is one of the most important events in Europe, Middle East and Africa Regions bringing together the biggest manufacturers, distributors, vendors, retailers and e-tailers of information and communication technologies and consumer electronics. "ACME Europe" is the only manufacturing Lithuanian company participating in this event.

The event is attended only by invited participants who meet each other according to schedule planned in advance. This is what makes "DISTREE EMEA 2015" different from other similar events. The 13th annual "DISTREE EMEA" has started with more than 1000 delegates registered to attend the four-day event. This time it has attracted a record number of participants – around 1,000 manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers from more than 70 countries. More than 6,000 meetings have been planned in the participants’ schedule.

‘We have been participating in the events organised by "DISTREE" 6 years in a row. This year we have planned 57 meetings with representatives of various channels. Our main goal is to expand export in Portugal, France, the Netherlands and Africa Region. We are very happy to be invited to such an extent event – we are able to meet many important partners in a very short period of time,’ says Arnoldas Saldys, Sales and marketing director in "ACME Europe".

Organisers of the event are happy about the growing number of the retail sales representatives. The most of the attention of manufacturing companies has been paid to Amazon and Euronics sales networks. The most popular products – various wearable accessories and devices designed for smart home. 

‘We want to present a few new categories and soon reaching our assortment ones during the event. Action cameras, innovative cleaners, etc. have enriched our range of products. We have to react to the changing market very fast because the existence cycle of our products is getting shorter and shorter. During the event we meet representatives of very different markets. The products offered for West and East are very different because there is difference of 12–18 months between the consumers behaviour,’ says Arnoldas Saldys.

One of the innovations of this year is "DISTREE Diamond Awards". Manufacturing companies participating in the event are nominated in 17 different categories. The winners are selected by sales channels representatives after considering quality of the products and the strategy of the business development. The winners are going to be announced during the Gala dinner on the 26th of February. Organisers have nominated "ACME Europe" in the category of "Cases and Bags".