Haven't seen yet? Brightly updated ACME!

If you had to choose only one item to take with you to an uninhabited island, what would it be? Ha, we thought the same thing - a smartphone, of course! What’s an adventure on an uninhabited island without selfies and Insta stories? To keep your phone charged and get the most out of its features, you’ll also need various phone and lifestyle accessories! 

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These days, it’s clear to everyone that a person without a phone is like someone without hands. We use our phone as a camera, TV, radio and a music centre. We even use it as a wallet, to pay for products online! Because we understand the importance of a smartphone in your world, we create products that revolve around you and your phone – to supplement and turbocharge it! 

Our bold update has not just influenced our logo, but our product range as well. From now on, we will create smart products that connect to, supplement or are controlled by your smartphone so we can fulfil your desire to see everything on a single screen. From now on, our primary focus will be on the following product categories: wireless sound and video, health, smart homes and phone accessories.

In addition, as technologies are changing every day, we want to give everyone the opportunity to try them. Therefore, you won’t have to save up too much to buy your first smart watch, or some wireless headphones for your latest phone! 

To help find the best product for you from this wealth of technology, we’ve updated our packaging! 

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These colourful, eye-catching packages won’t be easy to ignore on the store shelves. It’s also simple to compare our products with one another. The information you need is presented using icons, and every package features engaging texts and an illustration that shows opportunities for using the product. 

To ensure that it’s even easier to learn about our products, you can find additional information on our updated website. Videos, photos and fun frequently asked questions will ensure that getting to know your new product is as easy as a walk in the park!

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