ACME production deemed as the best performing by German testers

Earlier this year, the German technology magazine ETM Testmagazin selected 6 devices in the smart video doorbell category for comparison and testing. The ACME SH5201 Smart Video Doorbell also became one of the selected devices. For a few weeks, all 6 devices were tested and used daily under the same conditions to find out which one the magazine would most likely recommend to its readers. The findings published at the end of the study showed that ACME received the highest overall rating and became the best of the 6 products tested. In this article, we share the insights of EMT Testmagazin testers about the experience of using ACME Smart Video Doorbell, the advantages over competitors' products and overall conclusions.

acme; award; 2020; doorbell; smart home

Extremely easy to use

The first evaluation criterion in this test was device control. The ACME Smart Video Doorbell received the highest rating in this category. From wall-mounting and connecting to home Wi-Fi to the Smart Home mobile app. Experts have concluded that the control of the mobile app is intuitive and very simple, so even those who are just starting to get acquainted with smart technologies will be able to understand the control of the device. It is also important to mention the wide variety of languages available to help you use the app in your native language. In the control category, the ACME Smart Video Doorbell was rated the highest, “very good” rating.

acme; award; 2020; doorbell; smart home

Extensive list of additional features

Additional features are not necessarily accessories based on high technology or complex processes. This analysis focuses more on the little things that make having an ACME Smart Video Doorbell even more enjoyable. For example, the adjustable ring volume allows you to reduce it to barely audible if silence is required at home, or to make it loud so that you can hear incoming guests even while listening to loud music. In terms of knowing what’s going on outside the front door, testers pay attention to the motion sensor feature, which, when activated, sends a message to the app every time it captures motion. And when you receive such a message, you will be able to see the live video footage in the app not only during the day, but also at night or in low light - the smart doorbell has a night vision function, that has also been rated as having very good image quality.

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ACME Smart Video Doorbell is the best value for money

We are pleased that the hard work of the ACME Brand team in developing the ACME SH5201 Smart Video Doorbell has been recognized with German quality assurance. This high rating only proves once again that a high quality and easy to use product does not have to be an expensive one.

acme; award; 2020; doorbell; smart home

The full product analysis in German can be found here: