ACME has won a prestigious If design awards 2014 competition for a second year in succession

Lithuanian company ACME Europe has won a prestigious If design awards 2014 competition for a second year in succession. This year the two products were awarded: PEAK Messenger bag-backpack and MOON headphones. ACME Europe is the only Baltic company to receive three awards in this competition. Last year the award was given to PEANUT mouse. 

If design awards 2014 is the largest annual European design competition taking place in Germany since 1953. The awards have already become a trademark of exceptional design and product quality standard acknowledged by both manufacturers, designers, the media and clients. 

The awards commission consists of the world famous designers. The competition covers three different categories: product design, communication design and packaging design. The product design category was entered by the total of 3249 participants. This year, the commission evaluated the participants based on various criteria: design, materials, innovation, environmental impact, functionality, ergonomics, safety, brand value and universal design. 

Both award-winning products are from the new product line Urban harmony created exceptionally for stylish urban people who live their lives on the go. The main feature typical to these products is functionality determined by innovative design solutions. They are easily adapted to the active rhythm of the city and allow you to stay in balance. 

The exceptional feature of PEAK Messenger bag-backpack is that it can be easily transformed by one movement – by pulling the straps up or down. MOON headphones consist of a minimal number of components ensuring that they are lightweight, their ‘clean’ design, durability, as well as a good price.

Last year, the whole Urban harmony product line received national award Inovaciju prizas 2013. Another product – JUNGLE headphones – were also awarded in the national competition Geras dizainas 2013. For more information: