“ACME DROP Screen cleaner 2 in1“ has won “iF DESIGN AWARD 2015“

UAB “ACME Europe” has won international “iF DESIGN AWARD 2015“ 3 years in a row. Winner of this year – “ACME DROP Screen cleaner 2 in 1“. The competition is one of the largest and most significant design competitions taking place in Germany since 1953 with the commission of around 50 world famous designers.

The winners of the “iF DESIGN AWARD 2015“ are selected after considering design, material, innovation, environmental impact, functionality, ergonomics, safety, brand value and universality of the product. There are five disciplines of the “iF DESIGN AWARD 2015” and their design categories: product, communication, package, interior architecture and professional concepts. The number of competitors was huge: the international high-profile jury assessed almost 5,000 entries from 53 countries. “ACME DROP Screen cleaner 2 in 1“ has won the award in the product’s category in the subgroup of “Telecommunications”. 

UAB “ACME Europe” is the only company in Baltic countries which has won this competition 3 years in a row. 4 products in total and 3 up to now have already received awards: “PEANUT Wireless rechargeable mouse“, “PEAK Messenger bag-backpack“, “MOON Light headphones“. All of these products belong to the “Urban harmony” product line and are created exceptionally for stylish and active city people.

 ‘The design of the most touch screen cleaners is very simple. In the shop we usually see only small bottles or cloths the customers are already used to. These kinds of sets are designed for desktop computers’ cleaning. However, nowadays active people need totally different solution since they usually use more than one smart device. After surveying the needs of the customers we came up with a great idea – to create small cloth with the cleaning gel inside it. All we needed was to transfer this vision to mass production. One of our goals was to design the size of the product customers would be already used to. So it is no coincidence we chose the size of Post-it note. Recently this product has been patented as the first cleaner with the flexible package which guarantees easy access to all the dirt,’ says the designer Julius Bučelis.

For over 60 years, the “iF DESIGN AWARD” has been recognized the world over as a label of design excellence. The “iF” logo is an internationally established symbol identifying outstanding achievements in design. All the winners are going to gather to solemn awards ceremony in the spectacular “BMW Welt”, Munich on the 27th of February. “ACME DROP Screen cleaner 2 in1“  is going to be exhibited at “Elbe Arcades” gallery, Hamburg from March.

For more information about awarded product visit http://www.acme.eu/en-us/accessories/office-accessories/acme-drop-screen-cleaner-2-1