ACME BAT Bluetooth speaker + one knob control has been awarded for the best design

Second year in a row ACME Europe receives the Lithuanian design prize Geras dizainas (Good Design) for its production. This year ACME BAT Bluetooth speaker + one knob control created by ACME Europe designer Julius Bučelis has been awarded.

According to the Director of Product Development Department Ignas Rumbutis, it is not the first time when the company receives national as well as international design awards for computing accessories created by them. He notices that people habits of buying and using are changing. “People prefer to buy less but in a better quality, with more functionality, simplicity and style. Nowadays customers want the portable speaker or any other accessory that is easy to pair with computer or smartphone. Our designers follow the principle less is more. We create stylish accessories that meet the newest technologies and design tendencies”, says the Director of Product Development Department.

Ignas Rumbutis states that the company analyses the perspectives of 3–5 years when creating innovative products. “When we were creating ACME BAT Bluetooth speaker + one knob control we aimed for it to have 3 key elements: perfect sound, functionality and quality. According to the Director of Product Development Department, the speaker which won Lithuanian design prize Geras dizainas 2016 features convenient design and innovative decisions as all products of Urban Harmony line do. It is very easy to control the speaker with only one button: press once – music starts to play; press again – stops; turn around – regulate the sound; etc. Central control is intuitive for people because it is used in clocks, home appliances and cars.

The speaker has Bluetooth connection which allows easy wireless pairing with enabled devices and thanks to an audio output works as Bluetooth receiver – upgrades current wired speakers to wireless ones. Plus, the speaker is portable, lightweight; has a special knotted rope for attachment. Battery lasts very long – up to 8 hours. Thus, it is possible to listen to the favourite tracks in the vibrant city as well as in the nature because the speaker is splash-proof.

ACME BAT Bluetooth speaker + one knob control was called like this to give the extra-ordinary name to the extra-ordinary product. The name was inspired by the nature as all the product names from Urban Harmony line. The name was also dictated by the fact that it is possible to hang the speaker, not only put on the horizontal surface as usual. The speaker was introduced to the users at the end of last year. It is possible to buy this speaker in Lithuania as well as in foreign countries because it is exported to UK, Iceland, Bulgaria, Belarus, Russia, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Georgia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Kenya, Montenegro, Poland and Scandinavian countries.