ACME Ultra HD Sports & Action Camera


About product

Featuring Ultra HD quality, simple to operate this camera is a great choice to easily record extreme videos and pictures in a high quality. It is perfect for people who want flexibility because it is possible to place and mount the camera basically anywhere thanks to the accessories that are already included in the package and you do not have to buy anything additionally. Few more great features are 2” LCD screen for convenient recording and ability to change the settings as well as integrated Wi-Fi connection which allows to stream the video directly to the phone and even regulate the camera via the phone. So enjoy and record the exclusive moments of your life with ACME VR301 4K sports & action camera!

Ultra HD, 25 fps

Ultra-high-definition resolution that displays and replays fascinating videos you recorded

Full HD, 60 fps

More shots of every frame for even better quality, better editing possibilities

2” LCD screen

For convenient recording and ability to change the settings


Allows to watch the video which is being captured directly on the phone and to change the settings of the camera via phone

Wide angle lens, 170⁰

Captures everything you want

Remote control

Start filming, take a photo or turn off the camera by a touch of a button on the remote control

Many extra accessories

No need to buy additional accessories since they are included together with the camera

Technical Specification

Video resolutions

4K, 25 fps (Photo JPEG); 2.7K, 30 fps (Photo JPEG); 1 080p, 60 fps (H.264); 1 080p, 30 fps (H.264); 720p, 120 fps (H.264); .MOV file format; pixels

Photo resolution

12 MP/8 MP/5 MP/4 MP




Micro USB, micro HDMI

All Specifications

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